NFL Week 12: Myles Garrett's Fight Club edition

As usual, feel free to add a snappy subtitle…

Byes: Cardinals, Chiefs, Chargers, Vikings

Thursday night:
Colts at Texans

Sunday 6pm:
Broncos at Bills
Giants at Bears
Steelers at Bengals
Dolphins at Browns
Buccaneers at Falcons
Panthers at Saints
Seahawks at Eagles
Lions at Washington
Raiders at Jets

Sunday 9/9.25pm:
Jaguars at Titans
Cowboys at Patriots

Sunday night:
Packers at 49ers

Monday night:
Ravens at Rams

Miserable slate of games to have to wade through for the sweet reward of Packers v 49ers. Thought it was the law that Jags v Titans only ever happened on Thursday anyway…

Cowboys/Patriots are both evil but the game could be good.

Yeah disappointed in the 9pm slate, Red Zone’s going to be a bit barren.

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  • So far this has been a good year of football
  • So far this has not been a good year of football
  • So far it’s been about the same

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Man, there are a lot of fabulously mediocre teams this year, huh? Looking down that Sunday list, what do any of those first 8 teams actually do? It’s only when you get to the Bucs and their rollercoaster brand of whatever it is they do that you actually feel anything.

And Jags/Titans, jeez. That’s like choosing between fridges.


None of the NINE 6pm kick offs feature two teams with winning records playing each other. Doesn’t exactly have me clamouring to renew Gamepass.

if our defense plays as well as they have in the last two weeks, the Bucs will be lucky to get into double-figures.

gonna be a fun and good game tho. if form holds, Jameis Winston is gonna be like a second Falcons QB.

like, it’s so appropriate that our WR coach is coaching our DBs now, coming into this game.

I can see a spectacular return to form for the Falcons this week.

Nothing makes sense any more.

but we’re going to run the table. the joke is that we’re going to end the season the hottest team in the league and yet we’re not going to make the playoffs. ultimate futility.

That Falcons defense has been awesome the last couple of weeks especially considering they were divisional games as well. Even being a Panthers fan, I’ve got to tip my hat to them the way they’ve got after the QB.
From looking at the league table right now, I don’t even see the Panthers being able to get a wildcard. Shame about the Falcons getting hot now when it doesn’t really matter in Superbowl terms

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Need to the Giants to continue to tank for the Chase Young sweepstakes.

it’s such a shame. total waste of a season.

our lack of a potent run game would probably have kept us from doing anything great anyway, but the defense always had the talent. hard to fathom how badly DQ was getting it wrong.


see, I was hoping we’d be able to get him. but we’re probs gonna finish with the worst kind of losing record, one that doesn’t even get us a proper hot pick.

when’s Cam coming back for you guys?

He’s probably going to be second off the board, Tua injury depending, so it’s up to Bengals, Washington, Dolphins.

Giants are 2-8, 6 more losses may get us there. Bengals need to take a QB with the first pick. Washington will probably beat us when they play each other next.

I’m hoping for a complete 6 game tank, and a Pat Shurmur firing. Cmon now, please lord I don’t ask for much.

Picking a crocked Tua would be vintage Bengals. That or a long snapper from Ohio State.

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