NFL Week 12 thread: John Madden Turducken Special edition



4 World Cup games AND 3 NFL games. What a day!

and somehow the Lions will still ruin their fans Thanksgiving

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I think for once the fan base is pretty level on this one. Everyone expects we’ll lose. At this point there’s a feeling we’re playing with house money. As long as it’s not a massive drubbing (which I admit is possible) I think we’ll be content to move on. After the Bills the best teams we play at the Jets and the Vikings who we should’ve beat last time. Playoffs here we come!


Pretty epic day, expect not too be able to move by the Giants game.

One of my favourite things about NFL Thanksgiving is hearing the top-tier commentators cover terrible games. Buck and Aikman got Bears v Lions last year, was fun hearing Aikman drop a full Marty Crane “awww jeeeez” every time the Lions tried calling two timeouts in a row or had 12 men on the field for an extra point.


Try putting this in the proper thread, NY!

Question for discussion, seeing as this thread will probably be going for a few more days than usual: if the NFL stopped tomorrow, which current players would be 100% definite hall of famers based on their career achievements to date? Been thinking about this a lot this week, partly due to the semi-finalist announcement and partly because I have Covid and haven’t been working or sleeping much.

For me, the following people would definitely get in:

QBs: Brady, (ugh) Rodgers
RB: Henry
WRs: Julio Jones, Mike Evans
TE: Travis Kelce
OL: Trent Williams, Jason Kelce, Jason Peters
DL: Suh, Donald, Calais Campbell, Cam Jordan, JJ Watt
LB: Bobby Wagner, Demario Davis, Lavonte David
DB: Mathieu
K: Tucker
P: Not sure a punter will ever get in but Andy Lee probably has as good a case as any.

Main takeaway from this is that this doesn’t seem like very many people (19 in total). Am I missing anyone really obvious? Think McCaffrey is borderline (apparently he’s the only player in NFL history to average over 50 yards rushing and receiving a game) and Wilson might be playing himself out of contention in Denver. Stafford and Ryan are both nos for me too.

Mike Evans? What’s the case there?

Think Cordarelle Patterson might be an option as a special teams ace.


I’d be putting Mahomes in. The records are there and I know the measureables to stack up against he’s not near yet, but if it stopped tomorrow the trajectory would be through the roof.

Von Miller and Zack Martin are probably in for me. I could see an argument I guess for Russell Wilson and Matty Ryan but I’d have to think on them more.

Mahomes could retire now and get in I reckon. Gilmore or Peters maybe for the DB spots. Ramsey will be but needs a few more years of performance. Ditto Hill and Kupp.

Von Miller is the only absolute lock missing from your list

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8 consecutive 1,000 yard seasons, 4 Pro Bowls and a Superbowl ring. Just outside the top 50 all time receivers, 28 yards shy of 10,000 total too. For context he joined the league in the same year as Davante Adams and has nearly 1,000 more receiving yards in that time despite catching passes from Mike Glennon, Josh McCown, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jameis Winston before Brady rolled into town. A deeply underappreciated player.


Can’t believe I missed Von Miller, usually one of the first 3 people I think of when I mentally make this list.

I’d probably put AJ Green in. Over the 10,000 yard mark for his career, was best receiver in the game at his peak for a few years.

Dunno if he counts as active and depends if they take into account him as a human but on record and numbers Antonio Brown gets in

Oh Zack Martin is an absolute dead cert too

Fletcher Cox and Harrison Smith probably in for me.

Yeah I just flat out forgot he exists tbh.

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Shit we’ve all forgotten Hopkins. Ahead of Brown, Green and Evans as the 2nd best receiver of his generation for me, and a definite HOFer

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And Patrick Peterson is a hall of famer.
And probably Khalil Mack

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Peterson’s been very average for a very long time, although like Harrison Smith he’s had a bit of a resurgence since Zimmer left town. Mack probably suffers in comparison to some of his contemporaries, feels like Chandler Jones and Justin Houston would probably get in before he did.