NFL Week 12 thread: John Madden Turducken Special edition

And Patrick Peterson is a hall of famer.
And probably Khalil Mack

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Peterson’s been very average for a very long time, although like Harrison Smith he’s had a bit of a resurgence since Zimmer left town. Mack probably suffers in comparison to some of his contemporaries, feels like Chandler Jones and Justin Houston would probably get in before he did.

Think Mack’s sack numbers will be lower but he’s a DPOY, 3 time first team all pro. Think he’s above both of them but dunno if superbowls will play a factor. Reckon he’s in either way.

Think peterson will get in based on his first 5-6 years regardless

Speaking of Petersons, Adrian Peterson hasn’t retired yet, though he’s currently not on a team.

Reckon he might sneak in yeah

WR is an interesting one, Julio is probably in but no other nailed on candidates in my book. I think Tyreek is probably second, hasn’t had as long a career but he’s flown higher than Evans IMO. Diggs? Probably on the trajectory, but not there yet.

Oooh, what about OBJ?

Hill definitely will end up a hall of famer. But isn’t quite at the point he could quit now and get in (if he breaks 2000 yards this season then he’s an absolute lock)

I dunno, 105 yards in a SB win, 9-172 in the AFC championship game the next year, 6 Pro Bowls in a row, 3 times first team all-Pro, in the 2010s all-decade team. I’m putting him in.


I kept it to players currently signed to active rosters but AP is a certain hall of famer.

Oh just remembered Jason Pierre-Paul is signed with the Ravens, he’s definitely going in.

If you’d like to take all the fun out of this, Pro Football reference does a calculator to work out how likely someone is to get in. Julio the only rock solid WR candidate, as expected.

Confusingly, Wes Welker is just ahead of Wes Walker on this list.

Always amazed by how many extra notes they can cram into the national anthem.

Yeah, Mahomes gets in yesterday.

Lane Johnson for the OL maybe? Superbowl and 3 consecutive pro bowls. Injuries, though. Played 122 games in 9 years.

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Quenton Nelson as well. 3 consecutive first team all pro. Only 26!

Think he’s with your Garretts etc where he definitely will be but needs to play for a few more years

Love the graphic they used to illustrate how much travel Buffalo had done making it look like not much travel at all

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Wasn’t clear why they didn’t just stay in Detroit for the week either.

Probably cos it’s not that far to fly, and home comforts/facilities etc

Honestly, the flight is probably quicker than the drive from wherever they live to their practice facility.