NFL Week 12 thread: John Madden Turducken Special edition

-55 point differential for the lions in the 3rd quarter. :grimacing:

and allowing wide open routes on 2nd and 21 could be why.

Bebe’s an absolute queen but that was piss.

The Lions just aren’t allowed nice things are they.

James Houston come up from the practice squad today. Has 2 3rd down sacks of Josh Allen.

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DJ Chark doo-doo, doo-doo

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That safety’s gonna be the difference isn’t it? Damn lions.

I said I wanted a close game. So why does it hurt so much.

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Milano missing tackles now just to troll HYG.

We’re not going to win. I’m okay with that. I’m okay with that. I’m okay with that.

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Fuck off with that spot

Not watching but 3 catches on 10 targets for 12 yards is a weird Diggs statline

Oh it hadn’t updated. Refreshed now. Nevermind

What a fucking throw.

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Bet Bass is on the long troll too. Sorry man

Last loss of the season. Now we run the table.

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Look, mate. Remember Patricia. Just…remember Patricia. This ain’t that!

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Aaron Donald might like a word.

Phoebe Schecter is cool as fuck.

He’s the second DL listed.

Oops - eyes deceived me, like having hope as a Broncos fan.