NFL week 12

Is Chase Daniels elite?

Attritional stuff this

(Half time show and game)

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More posts in here now :man_shrugging:

Seems like it’s perked up in the second half. Fucking nightmare trying to follow this on shit trains with barely any signal

Have I mentioned how much I love this Bears D? :heart_eyes:


Back for the last 2 mins


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Chicago is actually going to be a playoff team. Love khalil mack and his top bunch of lads


A good couple of minutes, no? I didn’t have us coming out of these back to back divisional games with straight wins. We’re actually good!

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Barring something completely awful happening (mack injury) we should have a home playoff game


Still drinking in the idea of playoff football. Refused to think about it properly until this week, but it seems pretty likely :smiley: We’re not in the league of the Rams/Saints, but of the D stays fit, nobody’s going to have fun playing them.


Watching mogwai tonight. Found enough phone signal to see the pick 6 video. Lovely stuff

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Would be really interesting to see us in the AFC playoffs. Don’t think even our Defense can keep a trubisky offense in touching distance of the Rams or Saints, but reckon we’d give anyone else a great game

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Well we’re still improving this year, so who knows? Full of hope in week 12, eh? Madness.

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Hahaha first thing I thought

Lots of Lions fans on twitter getting very angry about it not being called despite

  • it never being called
  • there being less than a minute left of the game and Matt Stafford being unable to throw the ball to someone in the same colour shirt as him
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  • unlucky to constantly play with shite
  • shite

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Is Colt McCoy elite?