NFL Week 12


Thanksgiving weekend, so a bunch of games on Thursday (my TV will be DELIGHTED about games from 5.30 GMT) and pretty much that time when it all starts to get really serious.

Some housekeeping - More appalling officiating, this time showing Mexico how bad it can be (why would you whistle the ‘out of bounds’ one dead? And the consecutive bad spots? And that’s without going into the highly inconsistent PI penalties/non-calls, as ever). The lasers were pretty annoying, I wonder how much effect they actually have. Pricks. Loved the atmosphere though, especially the football style crowd on kickoffs (equivalent of goal kicks I guess). There was one pass in particular where I wondered if the high altitude fooled the WR, he looked like he expected to catch the ball around chest level but then it smashed into his facemask. Would have thought it’d be similar to Mile High in Denver, but it’s over 2000 ft higher, so maybe.

Arians out of hospital, expected to coach Cards this weekend. Hmmm. Jay Cutler double dips into the Bears’ 2016 ‘cannot play’ list, leaving Matt Barkley and David Fales to pucker up, and Jerrell Freeman (possibly their best player this year, certainly most consistently good) is suspended for 4 games. What a season (think they’ll probably piss off one of the Pother NFC North teams with a win though). A whole boatload of other injuries, but I think the only major one to affect a playoff-esque team is Luck’s concussion? Possibly the Philly RBs.

Thursday games - Minnesota at Detroit looks like it’ll be fantastic for half the game (the unstoppable force of President Cooter’s offence vs the immovable (ish) object of Zimmer’s defence), and then, well, less good on the other side of the ball. I have no idea what kind of result or score range this will be, so I’m looking forward to it muchly! Winner of this game probably takes the NFC North, especially if it’s Detroit after that incredible OT win in Minnesota a few weeks back.

Washington at Dallas - you’d think this will be a pretty high scoring game and also a reasonably comfortable Dallas win (I would anyway) - Gruden’s O looks pretty great at the moment, and the defence is pretty punchy, but I can’t see them stopping the Dallas train. The upcoming Vikings and Eagles, maybe, but not Washington. I can se Cousins getting 2-3 picks in this game as they try to play catch up in the 4th

Pittsburgh at Indianapolis - big shame that Luck’s out, both for his health and this game, which looked like it could be a good un. Would have picked the Steelers beforehand, can’t see any hope for the Colts without Luck. Blowout a-coming.



Naturally it’s the biggest game of the year for the Lions so I of course I won’t be able to watch it. Mrs HYG has booked us in for Thanksgiving meal instead. Which is fine. I’m not peeved at all.

Out of interest, how long does it take for games to get on Gamepass? If it’s finished by 9pm, will I be able to get home after dinner and put it straight on?


Also: Matt Barkley’s professional stats:

5 games played. 65 pass attempts. 36 completions (55.4%). 0 touchdowns. 6 interceptions.


Gamepass - games are available very quickly (you might even be able to rewind to the start of a game whilst it’s airing? not sure), but obviously as it aired (ie with full adverts etc). The advert free and condensed versions are pretty random tbh, I think the advert free version goes up first. There’s been previous issues with the amount of time it takes - some Thursday and Monday games have taken more than 6-7 hours at least, but then I watched a condensed Sunday Bears games on a few hours after it aired (the Bucs one. Joy), hadn’t expected it to be up, but it was there at around 11pm UK time, so only a couple of hours after the game finished.

Tl; dr - no idea, but you’ll be able to watch the game in full almost immediately after it finishes I think.


Advert free would be ideal but I guess I’d rather hack through the full thing than wait a day and have to avoid Twitter and everything.

Or I could just find out the score as it happens. Ugh. Dunno.


After we (I) had a good old moan about how long it was taking the condensed version to go up about two weeks ago, they’ve all been up every time I’ve looked for one since then, even just a few hours after. Shows the power of the DiS NFL threads (me).


Quite excited for the Barkley era, at least for my fantasy team that picked up the Titans.


Yeah, I can’t fucking wait.


I’ve noticed this as well (I’m sure it was me, I sent A VERY sternly worded email to their customer support)



literally all things people genuinely thought:



which game from the weekend should i watch on my commute home (condensed version)? I’ve seen the Saints, Vikings, Miami, Seahawks and Oakland games. The only other games I know the result of (baring various fantasy performances) are the Dallas and Pittsburgh games.


Accidentally stumbled on where the excited for/Davidoff/TTYS stuff came from yesterday. Probably why I wrote “for”, read it so often.


Pfff, wasting your time man. I used the POWER of my MIND. The results are clear.


I’d watch dallas game anyway, even knowing result, but the Bears giants game was actually decent. Last chance to watch a half decent bears game this season anyway.


Redskins and Packers. Not because it’s especially brilliant, Rodgers notwithstanding, but the rest really aren’t great. Also features the most wide open receiver of all time, genuinely looks like the only person on the field for a while.


Kirk Cousins talks about catches the way we do :smiley:


Hahahahaha, brilliant. I love Kirk, he’s goofy, I like him sitting behind RG3 all those years having been drafted behind him in same draft until eventually emerging and taking his chance years later, i liked his comments about his contract this year, and I especially love him fostering dogs


As a former MSU player I’m quite attached to him. Also, he looks a lot like my friend Mike. It’s uncanny.


I wish this meant what it looks like it means


Following the game on Twitter :frowning: because I don’t have flash on this stupid Mac.