NFL Week 12


My first thanksgiving game! I’ve focused on getting into baseball. I know very little about nfl. I have to say as a vegetarian lefty in Mike Pence country it is just about keeping me going.


Lions, Racists, Steelers


That poor kid


not enough chat!


The Minnesota D sacked Stafford about 8 times a on the same play a few snaps ago.


This is also an awful game. At least the Min D has woken up. Vikings need to hold the pocket and stop throwing short though.


I was gonna mention that - it was kinda comedic, but also looked painful. Just go down man!


You lucky fuckers, Detroit.


where has Ebron been all game? I have him as my starting TE. haven’t been watching the game, has he even been targeted?


playing against Elliott in DiS D1, not looking great atm


It’s totally irrational, but the ‘eating’ celebration really annoys me




Reinebold gunna keep calling him Zach Prescott all night?


I’ve noticed this before, but never asked: what’s the difference between the solid helmets and the helmets with a blockbuster tile ready to be detached on the front of them?


Should be a high scoring game i think

Hope JR is ok


if only our boy Kirk had managed to make anything of all those yards before the fourth quarter.


Proper, proper game that. Prescott is for real, huh. And Cousins too really, 1st half redzone misfires notwithstanding.


Yeah just watched that on my way into work. Decent game


his kicker shanking 2 made Cousins’ first half look worse than it was tbf


So I followed the first quarter on Twitter, then managed to avoid everything while I went out to dinner - only for a friend (a Vikings fan) to text me at the end: “Argh. Great game.” How was I meant to interpret that? Told him I hadn’t watched and was just about to, he said; “Make sure you have a few beers ready.”

So was pretty tense finally getting back to watch it. Didn’t see the pick coming at all, then swore Prater would miss, would convinced we’d have some overtime madness.

Hard to know if the Lions are just unfathomably lucky winning this many close games (behind in the 4th quarter of EVERY game this season, never won or lost by more than 7 point), or if they just have some magical clutch gene. Just for once, I’d like them to blow someone out.

I don’t think this has sewn up the NFC North like some people seem to think either. I think the Vikings schedule is a touch easier, and the Lions have the next three games on the road (Saints, Giants, Cowboys). Could still come right down to the end. Which is hosting the Packers. Fuckkkkkkkkkk.