NFL Week 13- Battle for AFC East Supremacy

Bills/Pats the matchup of the week for me, but that will have to wait until Monday night.

Looking like Kyler Murray and Deandre Hopkins will return for AZ @Chi-town. Jalen Hurts up in the air at the moment with an ankle injury for Eagles, we will see 90 minutes prior to game time. Big Mike Glennon gets the start for the Giants at red hot Miami (who also get Davonte Parker back and OL Michael Deiter). Darren Waller looking like a no go for Raiders, get Foster Moreau in your fantasy lineups if struggling at TE.

What else do we have our eye on?

Jalen Hurts out. Gardner Minshew in.

Another rough looking set of early games, Chargers v Bengals the only one that looks like it could be both competent and competitive.

Alex Kessman is going to have a very, very short nfl career

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Getting ugly in Cincy. Meanwhile, Gardner Minshew shows up to the dressing room prior to game looking like Maverick from Top Gun.

Debut. Missed two PATs. Looks like they’ve pulled him now.

Wonder if there are any kickers in history who’ve been active on a gameday roster and never attempted a field goal

Not sure who the co-comm is in Bucs v Falcons but he’s doing an excellent job of failing to predict offensive plays. “Looks like an inside run here” Brady launches 40 yard completion to Evans

That would be Kenny Albert and Jonathan Vilma.

James Connor with this 13th (!) TD of the year. Chalk that down to crazy stats you didn’t realize.

Wonder how the Lions are going to mess this up.

Breshad Perriman has just appeared for the Bucs. What an odd career he’s had.

Brady with just the 27 fantasy points with 5 minutes left in 2nd quarter.

Giants in yet another barn burner. Freddie Kitchens has the offense firing on all cylinders last couple of weeks. :yawning_face:

Hats off to Patrick Graham though defense playing at a high level and somehow keeping them in games.

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Would be really odd if the second ever day with multiple perfect rated QBs was Goff and Minshew

Ahahaha what an interception from Brady.

ahhh vividly remember one of the last one’s was Dak Prescott lighting up the Giants a couple of years ago.

That was the only other day with two. Lamar against Miami the same day

Just looking seems like Brian Sipe and ole Stevie Grogan did it in 1978.

Ah yeah. Great Wikipedia reading skills Aggpass!


Ahh Kenny Golladay likely out for remainder of game again. What a fucking bust.