NFL Week 13 thread - Thanksgiving

Bears at Lions
Bills at Cowboys
Saints at Falcons

Sunday 6pm:
Titans at Colts
Jets at Bengals
Washington at Panthers
49ers at Ravens
Buccaneers at Jaguars
Browns at Steelers
Packers at Giants
Eagles at Dolphins

Sunday 9/9.25pm:
Rams at Cardinals
Chargers at Broncos
Raiders at Chiefs

Sunday night:
Patriots at Texans

Monday night:
Vikings at Seahawks

Looking forward to eating turkey and watching some football today.

Are we all ready for some hot third-string QB action?

Duck for thanksgiving

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The kind of injury problem that keeps bad coaches in jobs.

I miss John Madden analyzing turkeys and turduckens on Thanksgiving Day.

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Are you watching planes, trains and automobiles today, NeilYoung?

Nope currently watching Paw Patrol Save Thanksgiving with the nephew. Will be watching Planes, Trains and Automobiles tomorrow while gf goes out Black Friday shopping and I stay home. :laughing:


oh yikes. I hate Captain Turbot so much.


Not sure what we’ve all done to deserve Trubisky vs Blough for our Thanksgiving football. Must be you guys, I know I’ve been good.

I’m not saying that Matt Patricia is bad human being who deserves some kind of karmic vengeance, but he might be.

Cancelled by plans to watch the first game in the pub because fuck me why would anyone want to watch it

Looking forward to Bills @ Cowboys though

Pure gold.

Exactly the start we could have predicted.

“Those are six seconds we’ll never get back…”

“Take a knee” he cries as Patterson runs for 50 yards.

Is Mitchell Trubisky elite?

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Sure, why not? That Lions QB should quit now with a perfect record.

That name again its Mr Blough

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Will learn his name before this game is done. Hopefully.