NFL Week 13 thread - Thanksgiving

There you go.

Lions might egret not playing Blough earlier.

Nice kick there.l!

Onside kick nice! Patricia pulling out all the stops early :joy:

this is weird

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Took Jones Jr out of my fantasy teams this week because, you know, i have an ounce of common sense or so i thought.

Only just joined this, distinct feeling of turning up when the party’s over

My Gamepass has gone to a green screen? I have sound but no picture? Every hooky stream seems to be the same…

Eh just seems to be my laptop :grimacing:

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That incomplete pass call was a clear make up for missing the hit on the QB…

Barry Sanders joins the booth after the break. Sweet.

Love watching his highlights.

To a soundtrack of The Strokes no less

I also did this.

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Having a fun day at my brother in law’s. Solid turkey day so far, just need Mitch and the lads to pull through.

I need a win to make the playoffs in my work fantasy football. I have a couple of questions… would you guys be able to check I’ve not shit the bed?

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Fire away

I had a friend make a few transfers and I have a 10 point higher projected score than the other guy.

How many people are in your league? Like 4? This roster is stacked.


Another Thanksgiving classic. Hope Matt Patricia chokes on his fucking stuffing.

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  • Stay up for another game
  • Go to bed (you’re ill)

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