NFL week 13


Gronk is out for about 8 weeks with a herniated disc. I think I might cry.

Games are still happening, possibly even tonight, but really it’s all just a footnote now.


Is it possible for both the '49ers and the Bears to lose? That’s the only logical outcome.


On the one hand, ugh Dallas winning again

On the other hand, other wild card contenders losing games helps the Giants


Tie game would sum it up


Was worried the Vikes were going to steal a win and put the pressure on the Lions. I’ll accept the Dallas juggernaut rolling on in this instance.


I think Kaep’s up for his reemergence game - lots of running on the ground and a terrible secondary


Jesus, Bradford is appalling at evading pressure in the pocket isn’t he, just seems to drop back and either go down or throw it after a couple of seconds, no stepping up or avoidance. What a scrappy game. Thought Zeke was lucky to get that fumble reviewed, don’t see that often (thought it was the right decision, but loads of those don’t get reviewed, admittedly that was a clear one)


It ain’t pretty but Dallas so, so efficient. 15-1 looks nailed on tbh.

Bills travel to Oakland, which will be interesting. Great to have Sammy back and catching deep balls, hopefully our offense won’t be so one-dimensional. Think Derek Carr should give his dislocated finger some rest. Pretty please.

Think it might be a bit of a barnburner, over 30 each. Shady and Cooper/Tree to have all the days. Will be closer than a lot of people think.


This is so harsh. He’s not the most mobile but I don’t think there’s a quarterback alive that could do well behind that line, there’s pressure coming from all directions. Constantly. People are so quick to pile on Bradford because there’s an established narrative of him being shit, but he’s been nowhere the cause of the Vikings’ struggles this year.


No but for real, would you rather keep on with Bradford next year or go back to Teddy?


Teddy will always be my everything, so the ideal scenario would be for him to be healthy and Bradford to become trade bait. He might not be healthy though, next year or even the year after.

There are times this year when I’ve really missed Teddy - he’s better pre-snap than Bradford, and is better with his feet. They’re both really good under pressure though. Bradford has made some great throws this year while getting pummeled. I wouldn’t be upset with Bradford as the QBOTF in Minnesota.


Maybe it’s the cumulative effect of that porous line on his confidence, but he could definitely extend plays more, a lot of the time by stepping up. He took a couple of sacks last night from just one rusher getting minimal contact, when Bradford had effectively given up. Possibly fair if he’s just trying to protect himself given what he’s expecting to be coming through that line.

What’s the rough fan consensus on Bradford, the trade, and moving forward?


(I see you’ve already answered the latter, good stuff)


You’re right I think about the potential effect on his confidence. I’m saying he shouldn’t take the blame for that, given the situation he’s been in this year. You could argue that it’s good QB play to go down easily when contacted, how many times do you see someone try to make a play in that situation and end up tossing up an easy pick, or getting injured. He’s not Cam Newton, not everyone can make something from nothing.

I have seen him step into hits to make throws a lot this year. Idk whether last night he was being overly cautious, I’ve only watched the first half so far.

Fan consensus, I think, is happy with how the trade has ended up in general, but aware of Bradford’s limitations and somewhat hopeful that Bridgewater will challenge for the starting job next year.


Aye, i guess if his process is either make the throw whilst getting hit or go down, and not to side step (I’m thinking more Rodgers and roethlisberger esque side stepping and possibly rolling out rather than Kaep or cam running forwards), then that’s just what you get. I came across a bit strong, just something that’s struck me about Bradford over the last couple of years. Easy from a TV viewer’s seat, but just can’t help watching him and urging him to just step up literally one step to avoid sack/pressure and give himself plenty of time to make a couple of reads. But I don’t know what doing that would reduce from the rest of his game. And totally get that if the line was better things might be different (although i do think it’s a Bradford tendency).


I like Sam Bradford. His career numbers stand up to scrutiny, despite him being in some poor situations in his career to date. I’m not sure Teddy is a huge upgrade on him.

He had terrible luck at the Rams.

His rookie season was extremely promising
He was banged up in his second year and the Rams lost so much talent due to injuries around him.
Solid to good 3rd year
Starts his fourth year in career best form. Tears ACL
Tears ACL again
Up and down season at Philly
Decent season at Minnesota, despite a terrible line, poor playcalling and a dearth of weapons and no training camp.

Career 90 TD’s / 54 Ints.

I like to see him given a chance at a stable outfit with some talent around him. He’s been on some pretty uninspiring offences.


Rams sign Jeff Fisher to a two year extension to his contract! Fisher’s last winning season: 2008. Rams management obviously saw something they liked as they shipped 49 points last week.


The defending on that Blount run


This is a brilliant, brilliant headline


Green bay giving us a glimpse of possible snow games to come :snowflake: