NFL Week 14: A man named Duck edition

Cowboys at Bears

Sunday 6pm:
Panthers at Falcons
Colts at Buccaneers
Dolphins at Jets
49ers at Saints
Lions at Vikings
Broncos at Texans
Ravens at Bills
Bengals at Browns
Washington at Packers

Sunday 9/9.25pm:
Chargers at Jaguars
Steelers at Cardinals
Titans at Raiders
Chiefs at Patriots

Sunday night:
Seahawks at Rams

Monday night:
Giants at Eagles

Things that really need to change in the nfl #44934: Fans of rival teams calling the Cowboys “the Cowgirls”. Probably for sexism reasons, but mainly because it fucking sucks.

Eli getting the start on monday night looking like.

See also: The Viqueens

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Cowboys lol

How Garrett still has a job is ridiculous. So much talent on that roster.


Hard to judge them against one of the leagues elite QBs tbh


It was like 2018 sketchiness all over again (it was actually nice to see our O line working as intended, although I couldn’t tell if that’s because they’ve started improving, or because Dallas’ D have dropped off)…

Winner of the NFC East might be 7-9, :nauseated_face:

And as usual said team will win their wild card game and then get stuffed in the divisionals

Joe Burrow is absolutely embarrassing Georgia tonight. The Bengals must be salivating (bet they re-sign Dalton now).

giphy (3)

Oklahoma going to sneak right into the BCS playoff picture.

Greetings from the Meadowlands, New Jersey


Shootout in New Orleans.

Sean Mcdermott looks exactly like the cowboy from Mulholland Drive

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Brees 4 TD’s with plenty of time left in the 2nd quarter.

Defense playing well but we are getting lit up by the Baltimore defensive front.

Bad feelings about this.

interception, that Buffalo d is stout.

We need our offense to answer though. you’re not going to shut down Lamar for four quarters