NFL Week 14- Big Bake is Active

We slacked last week folks so I’ll get this one out early. Baker Mayfield active tonight vs the Raiders, does he get the game time start from McVay? We shall see.

Raiders catching a little bit of fire with Davante Adams playing at a high level? Can they keep it rolling against the lowly Rams, what’s the worst that could happen?

Silly game

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Stayed up to make sure Wolford was playing, he’s my emergency QB in a 2 QB money fantasy league. Unsatisfactory results.

Fuck the Raiders. Stupid pricks had one job and couldn’t even get that right. How much more did they need to go their way to get that win? Ridiculous game. Josh McDaniels, you owe me a fucking draft pick.

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I know they shat themselves in hilarious fashion but Maxx Crosby is properly in that category of players who just look bigger and faster than everyone else. Really weird thing to happen for a fourth round pick who had 2 seasons of looking normal, normally the freaky athletes are very obvious before the draft

rams have started 3 different #1 picks at QB in the last 3 years. can’t imagine that’s happened many times before

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Don’t even have to go back very far! Arizona Cardinals started Carson Palmer 7 games in 2017, Sam Bradford three times in 2018 and Kyler Murray in 2019. Found time to sneak in starts for two 10th overall picks in there as well, Josh Rosen and Blaine Gabbert.


actually, it wouldn’t surprise me if the browns have done it with their own #1 picks at some point

Always hate it when the Bengals play the Browns, something about that team just causes even the best Bengals players to completely forget how to play football. Really hope Hubbard and Hendrickson give Watson a nice warm welcome to the AFC North if nothing else.


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Jeff Driskel. Why are Houston the way they are

Always enjoy it when a doomed coaching staff starts doing mad stuff to try and make it look like they’re still trying.

Jim and Tony on the 6 o’clock game just sounds wrong

And now Davis Mills is back?

Devonta Smith is the smoothest receiver in the league

Incredibly dull watching the Bengals commit a penalty on literally every punt return.

Cool that Tee Higgins is injured but wasn’t on the injury report, so I started him in fantasy. This keeps happening.

He is active, don’t think he’s supposed to see too much game time but Tyler Boyd has just been ruled out so he may be forced into action.