NFL Week 14- Showdown in Big Blue

All right, week 14 is upon us with Rams/Pats tonight. Sunday I’m assuming all eyes will be on the Giants/Cards :grin: Some other decent matchups with playoff potential this week. Matchups below (sorry all times US). What say you, what games/matchups do you have your eye on. Discussion commence.

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I have no idea what Big Blue is but it reminded me of this.


Bears with 4 positive covid cases this week.

If that can’t get you pumped up for week 14 nothing will!

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Still pissed off about the Steelers fucking it against Washington. Not sure why, the Giants will probably fall apart in their final run of games anyway

Joe Judge has made a believer out of me. Can’t remember the last time I was excited for a Giants game in week 14.

Rematch of what is probably Belichick’s favourite Superbowl win tonight. (I still reckon it wasnt as bad a game as people make it out to be)

Who ya got?

  • Rams
  • Patriots

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Don’t know why but I feel belichick has finally found something in this team all of a sudden. 27-17 Pats.

Feels like someone must have counted wrong for WFT and the 49ers to both be on 5-7.

I hope your confidence in the Giants is more well-founded!

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Also quite amused by the Browns nominating Myles Garrett

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Wonder if they were also expecting Pierre Desir to cover Henry Ruggs last week.



Connoisseurs will be watching Houston Chicago, obvs, but there aren’t many standout games for the casuals there… who are you picking?

Going to see how my dad enjoys Redzone this evening. Reckon I’ll get 20 minutes of polities questions before a mumble of “bloody daft sport”

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Probably Cardinals-Giants, Chiefs-Dolphins, and Vikings-Bucs are most likely of the 6pms to produce an entertaining game. But I wouldnt say any of them are guaranteed good times

Falcons Chargers should be fun, right?

even if it’s low quality with the defences teeing off, it’ll be watchable

obvs Chiefs Dolphins of the early slate

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As the only 6pm game with 2 teams with winning records youd think so, but I just get the feeling that it’s not a good matchup for the Dolphins and it’ll be a bit of a blowout. Hope I’m wrong though!