NFL Week 14


Mark Sanchez authoring Exhibit #19989 for Colin Kaepernick this afternoon.

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Watch the last play of Miami New England. That is all.


Omg seen the score where do I watch?

OMG Dolphins!!


That was AMAZING!

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Miami seem to do really well against New England and then are useless against nearly everyone else

Three wins in four now for the Giants? Let’s go for a 7-9 record this season! Everything’s coming up Giants!

A video of the DOlphins td would be much appreciated

It’s a thing of beauty



Speaking of incroyable, San Francisco TE George Kittle just went for 210 yards and a touchdown in one half

Have a gameball, son :football:

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69 yard TD as well, almost too perfect


More OT, these teams have no respect for my sleep.

3.5 yards per play. No touchdowns, negative fantasy points for goff. Bears D is pretty good huh. Trying not to get too excited


Is the improvement more to do with the new coach, or is it the players they brought in? From my novice perspective they seem far more aggressive this year.

Almost every boy at my school has switched their Blackhawks gear for Bears gear :grinning:

Hard to say. Nagy has had a massive effect on trubisky (though he was back to his bad old self yesterday) but for the D I think it’s mainly mack. He’s an absolute nightmare for match ups, is involved on almost every play, and seems like his work rate and attitude are setting an example that everyone else is matching. We had good personnel on defense anyway but he’s an absolutely transformative player for the team

As in domestic violence and so on? Not that I can think of. Virginia McKaskey Halas is very anti anything like that - the last one was Ray McDonald, who they signed after Fangio convincing everyone that he knew him from his time in San Fran, and he was OK if he got guidance. Don’t think he even made training camp before something relatively small (certainly compared to what he’d done before) happened, and the team cut him.

OK something’s going on. Either the games are fixed or Mahomes met the devil at the crossroads or SOMETHING, because I have no explanation for this otherwise