NFL Week 14

Packers to qualify for their traditional NFC title game defeat later, Cardinals likely to join them on Monday evening. Elsewhere Ravens and Browns try and make some sense of the AFC North, somebody called Jake Fromm is starting for the Giants and…oh look, the Chiefs have already scored.

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The Chiefs look amazing again, probably our best hope of avoiding a Pats v Bucs Superbowl.

Baltimore down by 17 and Jackson out questionable, not looking good.

This could be an absolute bloodbath if they keep this up. Could stick 50 on them

Literally the only thing anyone knows about him is that he’s a piece of shit

Even if the Chiefs weren’t in full juggernaut mode the Raiders are happily coughing the ball up every time they get into a remotely promising position.

Yep when mahomes is in this mood the key is to eat clock with long drives and give him bad starting position. Not repeatedly hand him the ball in midfield

With the Chiefs already out of sight it’s hard to pick what to watch the second half of. The Cowboys are 18 points up on a team that rarely scores that many points, if Jackson doesn’t come back then Ravens v Browns is done too. The only even looking games are…Saints v Jets? Seahawks v Texans? Yuck.

I reckon the Seahawks/Texans or Panthers/Falcons, now that they’ve scored.

I’m at a sports bar watching the Cowboys/Washington game and Heinicke looks like he’s purposely throwing to a Cowboys player with every throw. The Cowboys should have had 3 or 4 interceptions already

Anyone watched much of Trevor Lawrence this year? Is he going to be a gigantic bust or would even the despicable offspring of Tom Brady and Payton Manning be doomed in Jacksonville this year?

I keep thinking he’s a bust then remembering his number 1 receiver atm is laquon treadwell. Sack Meyer, draft/pick up some weapons and he might be fine.

Obviously Luck made a pretty similar shambles look OK in his rookie year but he was an anomaly

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Does look worrying so far, mind

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In his defence he’s been without DJ Chark and Travis Etienne all year and his line is absolutely terrible. That said his throws seem to have become less accurate as the year has progressed and people who know about that sort of thing say his mechanics and footwork are getting very sloppy which is generally indicative of coaching neglect.

Currently watching Zach Wilson for the first time this year. Now he looks like a bust.

Hello, crazy comeback in the offing for the Ravens, onside kick recovered!

The 2021 AFC North continues its record for having the longest start to a season without any of its constituent teams dropping below .500.

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You jinxed it

He’s in by far the worst situation of all the rookie QBs (such is the life of a no. 1 pick), but he’s looked good, better than Fields, Lance or Wilson

Jones has looked good, but y’know there’s not many better places to land as rookie than NE

Yep, took about 90 seconds to ruin this one, a new record for me.

These chargers unis look far too close to the Rams. Keep forgetting they aren’t massive cunts

Giants make a stop on 4th down, but there’s a false start penalty, which they accept and concede field goal

Good job they got rid of Jason Garrett, huh?