NFL Week 15 thread


uh, let’s see [ruffles notes]

Jared Goff continues to have a bad time. still not as bad as Brock Osweiler, who’s thrown two interceptions in consecutive passes just now and has been BENCHED.

Matt Moore throws four TDs against the Jets, proving that not only is he a capable stand-in for Tannehill, but he’s better than Tom Brady.

Steelers against Bungles is going on right now. Cinci looking good to throw a spanner in the works, early doors. Burfict out on concussion protocol, so maybe a less fighty game today.

Giants frustrating Matt Stafford’s Lions rn.

Colts opening up a lead against the Vikings, who are intermittently using a magically healed AP.

Bucs against Cowboys later should be good.



I know there’s more b. I just wanted to get it posted in case someone beat me to it.


Nope, think you’ve covered it, see you next week


Osweiler SACKED (in the sense that he was benched. He’s probably been sacked too, and indeed it would have made more sense to say he had been benched, but you mess with a DiS meme at your peril).


but I forgot to mention the possible three-way tie in the AFC South! is that not important?


really funny when he got BENCHED. the crowd’s reaction was priceless. it’ll be even funnier if they win without him. lookd an awful mess, though…


where’s the Vikings D gone? being torn a new one by Robert Turbin (???)


Must feel absolutely terrible to have your own fans cheering louder than you’ve ever heard them because you won’t be playing any more, and you just have to stand there and take it. So harsh. Perhaps his $70m contract may offer him some comfort.


Jags have their first kick return TD since 2007. Pretty sure I’ve had a kick return in that period.


Odel Beckham does a one hander again :open_mouth:


shame that punt return was called back for a penalty. got him in my fantasy team, would have been nice…


Yeah on the replay it looked unnecessary


What did?


hard to tell, was it not anywhere near OBJ?


The block/shove in the back that resulted in the flag


He did end up arcing round to where he was but there were loads of guys round there… Anything could’ve happened tbf


Er, it was a pretty blatant penalty?


I know, but did he really need to do it… probably not…

Forget it…


some great last minute drama tonight.


No I guess not?