NFL Week 16 thread: Super Saturday edition

Texans at Buccaneers (6pm)
Bills at Patriots (9.30pm)
Rams at 49ers (1.30am)

Sunday 6pm:
Bengals at Dolphins
Steelers at Jets
Giants at Washington
Panthers at Colts
Ravens at Browns
Jaguars at Falcons
Saints at Titans

Sunday 9/9.25pm:
Raiders at Chargers
Lions at Broncos
Cardinals at Seahawks
Cowboys at Eagles

Sunday night:
Chiefs at Bears

Monday night:
Packers at Vikings

Saturday games this week! :+1:

Probably posted the thread a bit early!

The saturday slate is a banger


God damn it, more staying up late :frowning:


Jameis with a 100% pick completion percentage so far

Coming in to this week I think Winston needed 6 picks in the final two games to become the first QB ever to get 30 TDs and 30 ints.

Seems like he’s trying to reach that milestone today.


Lots of things wrong with this game on the field, but the commentator constantly calling Watson Winston, plus the commentary being a second ahead of the pictures, is doing me in.

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Berkhead more like.

Let’s go Buffaloooooo



This Bills v Patriots game is pretty entertaining

That offensive pass interference call was bullshit though

Pats getting fucked by the refs again?

desperate to see one of those sound santas on the sideline get totalled.

Never had a call go their way, the poor lambs.


Quite happy for the Giants to let the Eagles win next weekend and keep the Cowboys out of the playoffs

Nice of the Seahawks to shit themselves against the Cardinals and keep the NFC playoff picture as confusing as possible. The Seahawks can currently still finish as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th or 6th seed.


Lions need to lose next week to Green Bay (so a Vikings win tonight would help motivate the Pack), and for Washington to beat the Cowboys to ensure the second pick in the draft. Thankfully the Cowboys looked so shit last night, it might actually happen.