NFL Week 16

Titans v Washington and Chargers v Ravens tonight. Steelers v Saints and Seahawks v Chiefs might be good ones tomorrow

Just checked in to Redskins Titans. Currently it’s Josh Johnson vs Blaine Gabbert. Think I might go to bed.

Surpisingly watchable, this…

I know the Ravens still have problems to sort out, but its nice to see Jackson getting more and more confident with his passing game. He was class today.

That Darren Sproles TD, woof.

He usually manages to look good in a few meaningless late season games, usually good enough to start next year and stink the place out until the Giants are out of contention. Then the cycle begins afresh.

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Luck’s just thrown an appalling INT, no idea who he was looking at as there was no Colts player within 10 yards.

More like the Giants starting well and then scoring three points for the whole second half

Looking at the standings, is it conceivable the Jags could get the first pick? (obviously this requires both the cards and raiders winning at least once more)

Cards have a Rams-Seahawks run-in and are utterly putrid.

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Think we’ll see a lot more of Heinicke next year, reckon Cam has an Andrew Luck’s shoulder season coming.

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Well that answers that then :joy:

Reckon it would be conceivable if they played the Rams after they’d sealed second seed and wanted to rest people, but as it is I think they’ll get stuffed.

They’d probably get thumped if the rams put out their practice squad

Eagles just made that 83yd bomb look so easy

Looks like Dem Thomas is done for the year, bad week for the Texans.

Texans with a massive drive

So did Tom Brady

Seinfeld slap bass


Oh god, the Patriots are one game away from yet another championship game aren’t they?

Who’ve they got next week?