NFL Week 17- Black Monday Edition

Last week of the regular season boys and girls. With Black Monday on deck for some head coaches getting fired, Jacksonville starting it off early.

Also for any college football fans, BCS semi-final games today between:

#1 LSU/# 4 Oklahoma
#2 Ohio State/#3 Clemson

Should be a good slate to ease us into tomorrows games. :+1:

What time do they kick off?

LSU/Oklahoma (2.5 hours)
Clemson/Ohio State (6.5 hours)

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Not too late then

Nice one

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The possibility of the 49ers ending up as a 13-3 wildcard team is amusing. Has that happened before anywhere else?

The third or fourth best win percentage in the NFL this season and they could be trundling off to play away next weekend against a team that finishes the regular season with the same win percentage as… the Bears.

Just seen some of the stats from the LSU game.
Justin Jefferson had a bit of a day
14 receptions, 227 yards, 4 tds

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Weren’t the chargers a 12-4 wildcard team last year?

Yes - ignore me, I’m a bit all over the place mathematically at the best of times (and this isn’t one of those times).

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Quinn and Dimitroff are staying for the Falcons.

this is good, I think. dunno what the fuck happened to make the first half of the season such a write-off for what should have been another playoffs year, but they figured it out. no point in pressing reset just yet.

People I reckon will get fired: Garrett, Shurmur, Marrone
People who’ll stay but deserve to be fired: Zac Taylor, Matt Patricia (did anyone see anything from either of these teams that would suggest next year will be any better?), Adam Gase (kept his job by virtue of a marshmallow soft schedule), Freddie Kitchens (incompetent boob).

Is there anything actually worth watching prior to 49ers v Seahawks today?

Also, if the Bengals draft Joe Burrows a thrifty trade for Andy Dalton would turn either the Jags or the Bears into a playoff team.

What games should I be watching?

If Philly wins today they claim the NFC East title. They lose and Dallas wins, Dallas is in. Wildcard spots also on the line for the Steelers and Titans. Those games mean the most.

Alot of teams that have already clinched a playoff spot will be resting their starters.

ahahahaha big man TD for Ty Sambrailo?!


Aye I meant really in the 6pm (or 1pm? For you) games

Definite end of term feeling today

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yeahhhhhh first Bucs snap and we force a turnover


looking forward to some trick plays all across the slate!

I mean, I guess you could call Dalton a playoff QB