NFL Week 17- Black Monday Is Upon Us

Black Monday soon upon us. Dave Gettleman, Anthony Lynn, Adam Gase holding on to their hats. Might want to stop at Staples and pick up some resume paper just in case. Should be a fun close to regular season. NFC (L)East storylines abound! Tough loss for the Packers in practice nonetheless for Bakhtiari.

College football playoffs underway today as well. Football!


Browns facility still closed. They’re actually going to miss the playoffs from a 10-4 record with the Jets and the Steelers’backups left to play, without even really Brownsing it themselves

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Ah must have posted this while I was drafting mine

@moderators can you merge the threads pls

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Excellent write ups, hope the mods merge them up. Bama/Notre Dame looking forward to it. Notre Dame pretty much now known as the team that will contend during the regular season, but just can’t get over the hump playoff time. Nice win over Clemson early, but no Lawrence. Lawrence plays in the rematch, it was a slaughter. Notre Dame must control time of possession, somehow think this will be pretty close, but Alabama pulls away late. Thinking low scoring though.

Number of playoffs that will be an absolute farce because of Covid outbreaks forcing the Colts to start Brandon Weeden or someone at quarterback

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Also this


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Can’t wait for the Giants to make the playoffs!

(the Giants will not make the playoffs)

how many cheeky team switches have their been over the years on here?

@Aggpass used to be a diehard Browns fan.
@FKA_Adam_Jeffson still loves the Patriots.

no chance I’ll stop supporting the Chiefs tbh.


me and @kiyonemakibi are accepting all applications to join Giants nation.

Never had an NFL team, could get right into one

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The Patriots of New England could very well be that team

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If by that you mean a principled decision to leave, then yes :wink:

Actually have been very pleasantly surprised that I haven’t once considered returning to the Patriots, even if I’ve frequently regretted choosing the Texans. My life as the NFL-watching monk has become a lot easier without the baggage.


Really looking forward to watching some football this weekend, ngl.


Please don’t do this, @frenchtoast

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Upset brewing in the peach bowl (available on bt sport espn in the UK). Good game

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Luke Fickell one hell of a coach. Very smash mouth game this.

Nah they sound ghastly tbh