NFL week 17: wolf of ball street edition (plus bonus college playoffs)

Starting this early because it’s New Year’s Day bowl games in college today.

Today - 9pm
Rose Bowl - Alabama (1) vs. Notre Dame (4)
From what I’ve seen this Bama team is really special. Mac Jones is shooting up everyone’s draft board, Najee Harris and Devonta Smith are both the best players at their position in the country. They’ve absolutely battered every team they’ve played until a tight one against florida, they ought to walk over Notre Dame

Tomorrow - 1am
Sugar Bowl - Clemson (2) vs. Ohio State (3)
the preseason number 1 and number 2 NFL draft picks. Justin Fields has had a slightly disappointing season, despite going 6-0, and there are doubts about him in the big games. Teague and Fields against Lawrence and Etienne is an unbelievably good QB/RB match-up, but the key is probably the awful Ohio State Defense. Lawrence to have another big day, and outpace Ohio State in a high scoring fun one

Lots of relevant games in week 17, lots of big names missing in them

5 teams left for 4 spots:
Titans @ Texans - 6pm
Titans should roll over a bad, bad texans team and secure a playoff spot. Deshaun might keep it tight enough for Derrick Henry to get to 2000 yards, but the Titans will win it

Dolphins @ Bills - 6pm
No Fitzmagic and this would have been a very tough one for the Dolphins if the Bills were still playing for something. Beasley got injured last week, no chance they risk that again for seeding in the playoffs, Tua to eek a win out over the Bills second string and put the Dolphins into the playoffs

Ravens @ Bengals - 6pm
The Bengals have perked up a bit but the ravens are the best offense in football at the moment, this will be comfortably done by halftime, ravens are in, and a team nobody wants to face in the playoffs.

Browns @ Steelers - 6pm
Nothing would be more Cleveland than blowing a playoff spot by losing to he Steelers reserves. Would be hideous and hilarious. Surely not?

Jags @ Colts - 9:25pm
PROBABLY a dead rubber by kickoff but if any of the other 4 slip up Old Phil can get in by beating up on the godawful Jags. Potentially missing the playoffs with 11 wins, it’ll be their own fault for somehow losing to the Jags in week 1

NFC East and one wildcard spot to sort out
Cowboys @ Giants - 6pm
Winner gets to cheer on the Eagles in primetime. The Cowboys seem to have gained some life recently, the Giants have looked awful. Would be nice for Andy Dalton to get another shot in the playoffs I guess.

Football Team @ Eagles - Monday 1:20am
Taylor Heinicke could be in, this could be nervy. The eagles have nothing to play for but Hurts is lively and possibly playing for a starting job next year. Would be very 2020 NFC East for WFT to chuck it away, I’m taking the cowboys to sneak in

Cardinals @ Rams - 9:25pm
Rams win, Rams and Bears are in. Simple enough, except the Rams look utterly shot. Maybe the AAF’s wolf of ball street livens them up but realistically this comes down to Kyler Murray’s status. If he’s fully fit the Cardinals ought to win and put themselves in the playoffs. If he’s not this is going to be an ugly watch and a tense affair.

Packers @ Bears - 9:25pm
He’s one of the very best quarterbacks of all time, ahead of Mahomes for the MVP award this season and the favourite to lead his team to the NFC championship at least. And you’ve got to back him to beat Aaron Rodgers and the Packers here (we’re doomed)

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