NFL Week 17

Big day today then.

First BREAKING NEWS (ish) - Chip Kelly and Trent Baalke are goners. Not sure that’ll help the 49ers tbh. Maybe Jim will come back? (he won’t)

AFC is all tied up, save for seedings and byes - still really sad that no matter what happens we won’t be seeing Derek Carr in the playoffs, really enjoyed watching the Raiders this year. Hopefully they beat the Broncos today just because. Would really like to see the Pats miss out on a first-round bye, will see if the Dolphins can cause an upset.

In the NFC, big game between the Redskins and Giants deciding on what happens to them, the Lions, AND the Packers. Bucs are also in the race for a playoff place here too. There are a shitload of permutations as to what has to happen for each team to get through which I will not be regurgitating here as to be honest I don’t care very much. Would be fun to see the Lions get through at least.

In terms of individual games - Cowboys @ Eagles could be good, despite neither team needing to win, I suspect Dallas still will. Raiders @ Broncos will be interesting to see how McGloin fares. Saints @ Falcons should be high-scoring. Giants @ Redskins followed by Packers @ Lions really are the big two though today.

Elsewhere, the Jets might actually beat a Ryan-less Bills team, overturning the curse that started this time last year, spurring them on to an 11-5 season next year. Probably won’t happen though.

Also we may be seeing our last ever games from Larry Fitz and Steve Smith today :frowning:

Oh also Kubiak might retire today. Shame as he’s still young for a HC but I think his health must be a factor.

Giants are locked into 5 seed. Redskins can get in with win bucs need:

A) The Buccaneers beating the Panthers;

B) The Cowboys topping the Eagles;

C) The Lions knocking off the Packers;

D) The 49ers nipping the Seahawks;

E) The Colts banging the Jaguars;

F) The Titans blowing up the Texans;

G) And … in our favorite playoff wrinkle in years, the Redskins and Giants ending in a tie.


It could happen! (It won’t happen)

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  • to beat, etc.


A - Could happen
B - Will happen
C - This seems unlikely
D - Err, no.
E - Maybe
F - Maybe
G - Go on then, why not?

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Quite a relaxed weekend of football really, with no real playoff or fantasy implications. I’ll be watching purely for the love of the game, until I fall asleep about half nine.

Gonna attempt lions packers later

C&P’d big man

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Oh, and I forgot, the Ryans are gone! Possibly my favourite Christmas present, care of the Bills. Rex is probably my least favourite person in all sport, or at least him and Mourinho can fight it out to the death.

Oops, I accidentally started another thread.

I’ll repeat my question in here - since Sky will be showing the Lions game, it won’t be on Gamepass, so is there any way round this anyone uses? I used to use Hola and pretend in was in the Netherlands - does that still work? And if so, can I also Chromecast it to the telly?

Any other suggestions gratefully received.

A friend of mine tends to check 5 minutes before kickoff of the game he wants to see and says he often finds reliable streams there. I would never engage in this sort of behaviour myself of course

my friend would like to add that he thinks having adblocker turned on is vital

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I also have friends who have used streams, and while they say they are acceptable in a pinch, they wish they were able to enjoy the full quality of the Gamepass that they paid for.

Cheerio cheerio cheerio…

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What with all the early firings Black Monday will probably be a bit of a non-event this year. Hopefully Irsay will put Pagano and Grigson out of their misery, think the lack of decent alternatives will stop most teams doing anything rash though.

Packers lions is on game pass I think? Not showing as blacked out on mine anyway (unlike dolphins and racists)

Sunday night games aren’t blacked out in the uk (according to anyway)

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And anyway, unblocker always used to work anyway

Didn’t know this! Cheers. Having just woken up from a lovely nap and drinking a lovely Coke, I reckon staying up is ON.

anyway[quote=“Severed799, post:18, topic:10174, full:true”]
And anyway, unblocker always used to work anyway