NFL Week 17

might put a massive amount of wedge on the Pats at 2/1. Don’t see how anyone in the AFC’s getting anywhere near them

Brock is Brack! Osweiler UNSACKED! Couldn’t choose between these, so take your pick.

Can’t remember ever seeing a playoff team so unhappy with their QB situation - I know Savage is being assessed for concussion or whatever, but still. Maybe when the Bears had Rex Grossman?

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A superbowl bears team!

Indeed. And who’s to say that this Houston Texans team can’t make it all the way to the Superbowl? Absolutely everyone, of course, including most of the Texans.

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If Washington do reach the playoffs, what will have been the biggest surprise so far:

  1. Miami reaching the playoffs
  2. Oakland reaching the playoffs
  3. Denver and Carolina both failing to reach the playoffs
  4. Three NFC East teams in the playoffs

Oakland for me. I’ve not seen a relevant Raiders team in the time I’ve been watching the NFL, it feels so weird. Carr’s injury will probably sort that out for this year though.


Yeah would agree with this. Super Bowl teams missing next year can happen, Miami have always been OK at least and NFC East you feel should always be sending three teams but historically underperform. What’s happening in Oakland is a goddamn revolution

I know the Cowboys don’t need to win but come on, get Sanchez off the field.

Also Steelers are going to come back and win despite resting everyone aren’t they. Poor old Browns.

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There we have it, the Browns-est play ever

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The Browns should want to lose. They’ll want to hang on to the number one pick, even if it’s for trade value.

So, yeah.


The Browns going to all lengths to throw away the no. 1 draft pick only to get it because they’re the Browns

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oh jeez

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Oakland are going to get completely hamburglar’d in the playoffs aren’t they :worried::


Underrated names in the NFL: Fitzgerald Toussaint. Looks like this:

Should look like this:

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Prince Charles Iworah


McGloin out. Feel so bad for the Raiders :slightly_frowning_face:


Is it too early in the NFL year to get excited about where Da’Shawn Hand is going to get drafted?