NFL Week 17

Who will grab the remaining playoff spots?

Hoping the J-E-T-S do us a favour today!


Ravens, Colts, Eagles.

People getting fired in the morning:

Todd Bowles - probably deserves it, Maccagnan will go too.
Steve Wilks - got dealt a terrible hand in Arizona but hasn’t ever looked anything but overmatched.
Vance Joseph - probably doesn’t deserve it but someone’s got to go and it won’t be Elway.

Matt Patricia and Marvin Lewis both deserve to be fired but won’t be.

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Black Monday! Dirk Koetter definitely gone in Tampa Bay.

I can’t face the Patriots being one game away from yet another championship game.

Feel quite positive about this not being another Patriots year.


Think big Baker Mayfield goes into Baltimore and gets the upset?

give it about a month, will be much colder lol

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I’m just hoping the Giants don’t get Saqoun Barkley killed in the last game of the season!

Of course the one week I don’t take Brady in draftkings he has 3 TD’s at the half. Mingya!

Might as well, if you have it designed and haven’t really had the need to use it you might as well take the opportunity to show it off.

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Wow Antonio Brown inactive for the Steelers today.

dirty dirty player. Him and burfict two biggest thugs in the game.

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Green Bay should definitely have waited until the season was over to fire McCarthy.

that barkley jump :exploding_head:

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he’s a bad man

This 4:25 slate of games looking mighty good.

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pretty special from Dak and Beasley there, what a catch!

Unreal. Giants just love finding new ways to blow leads.