NFL Week 18: This is the end edition

Courtland Sutton currently out-throwing Drew Lock for Denver, as expected.

Not a bunch of playoff-relevant action this weekend but hopefully a few interesting games and a bunch of statistical milestones that might fall (with the asterisk of an extra game).

Let’s savour every moment. It’ll be a long offseason.

Let’s go cardinals, niners and panthers (not falcons! No one gives a shit about them!)

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Oh no

Yea nothing wortworth watching in the 6pm games. Might nap and try stay awake for Chargers-Raiders

Really hope I get to see Jerry Jones looking miserable next weekend as Dallas go one and done

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Think I’ll go to the cinema rather than watching any of the 6pms, the idea of making all of the week 18 games conference games has really blown up in the NFL’s face. Reckon if they want to do a week 18 they shouldn’t decide the fixtures until week 17 and then just schedule based on playoff implications (so we’d get Colts v Patriots, Saints v 49ers etc).

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Fangio OUT.

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Delightful wounded duck lobbed up by Big Ben and duly intercepted.

3rd & 9 qb sneak from @NeilYoung 's lads


What the hell was that about

Judge is so fired

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Would be very Lionsy for the Jags to somehow win and hand Detroit the first pick only for Detroit to beat Green Bay and pointlessly hand it back.

Enjoying Anthony Lynn emptying the playbook (presumably as a precursor to emptying his desk tomorrow) against Green Bay.

Campbell has been playcalling since midseason, he loves a trick play

Football is such a daft game. The Colts absolutely must win, the Jags will almost certainly be better off if they lose, obviously the Jags are up 10 at half time. You’d think the Jags will contrive to lose by the end, but you wouldn’t guarantee it.

Lions absolutely merking Green Bay, soooo… the Lions are the best team in the NFL now?

Is there an nfl version of the Unofficial Football World Championships going? Would enjoy if someone’s got one somewhere

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If Kupp gets 136yds and 12 catches tonight then he breaks Megatron’s single season yards record, and Michael Thomas’ single season catch record, in a single season. Absolutely fucking wild that he’s not a top MVP shout.

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Worst team is league by some margin, ownership hinting at keeping Judge next year to lol.

Meanwhile, this holds Steelers in playoffs with that Colts debacle. As long as LV Chargers dont tie. Dont want to see anymore Ben, cmon Huntley.