NFL Week 2 thread



Ravens at the Bengals tonight, always a feisty one.

Other news heading into week 2

  • Aaron Rodgers has an invincible knee, apparently. Well we’ll see anyway.
  • Jon Gruden hates Amari Cooper so much he’s going to re-sign Martavis Bryant
  • The Josh Allen experience is about to start early in Buffalo. Can’t be worse than MVPeterman…right?!
  • Will the Cowboys’ offense suck THAT badly again? Will Stafford be that bad again? Who knows.

14/9, 1.20am

Ravens @ Bengals

16/9, 6pm

Panthers @ Falcons
Colts @ Redskins
Texans @ Titans
Eagles @ Bucs
Chiefs @ Steelers
Dolhpins @ Jets
Chargers @ Bills
Vikings @ Packers
Browns @ Saints
Lions @ 49ers
Cardinals @ Rams
Patriots @ Jags (woof)
Raiders @ Broncos
Giants @ Cowboys

18/9, 1.15am

Seahawks @ Bears


They pumped him full of drugs, didn’t they? He was either faking it for drama or he’s full of drugs.

I am filled with hate and bile this week. Usually I calm down about a shit performance after 48 hours but I’m still in full-on doom and gloom mode. Various reports coming out that players are really unhappy with Patricia. My only solace is that it’s hard to get much worse than a shellacking at home to a rookie-led Jets, so I have zero expectations for this season and any positives will be a nice surprise.


Full of lovely, lovely drugs.


Cugat breaks America


V. worried that we’re going to get Darnold’d. Frank Gore to the rescue! Or maybe not.

I’m also looking forward to seeing just how the Chargers manage to engineer a defeat to the Bills.


I think the only thing that makes me even have a modicum of hope of winning at the weekend is that somehow, the Chargers special teams will find a way to keep us in the game.


I did read a couple of quotes to the extent of people who’ve been around the lions or patricia reacting to those rumblings of dissatisfaction with ‘good, they should be’ or ‘about time, they’ve been cruising’. Maybe its going to be a tough season or two whilst the environment is changed, but it’ll be worth it after that - Pace certainly had to do a lot of that when he arrived with a really toxic environment in Chicago (also a terrible team, which kinda helps a long term proposal), and its why I’m not totally upset about the John Fox era (gameplans from 1970, sure, but that team loved him and fought for each other)


The general narrative seems to be that Caldwell was a player’s coach, easy to get on with, supportive, let them have their fun - and the players liked him, played hard for him. Where he failed was on the field (even though that’s not really true, he won a lot in Lions terms, they just never got over the hump).

If they’re swapping to a new coach who’s a prick, runs them ragged, chews them out, then that’s fine if you’re a Belichick level genius who turns it into sustained success. It’s what we’ve heard from the Patriots for years - being in the locker room is miserable but they put up with it because nothing feels better than winning. But there’s zero guarantee that Patricia can produce that kind of success, and if it takes a few years to install, he’s never going to have the chance to prove he can.


For Amari Cooper owners in fantasy football. Tbh I’d much prefer it if they just keep throwing towards jared Cook


Last year when we played the Titans with DeShaun he’d thrown for about 6 TDs by halftime. More of that pls


Who set the Week 2 slate to humdinger-central? (In fairness Eagles Bucs didn’t look like one until last Sunday)


KC/Steelers could be an 80/90 point game.


Just watched the Week 1 highlights. The Chiefs seem fun. Looking forward to that game.


I’m a bit irrationally annoyed about Mahomes’ 4TD stat seeing as two of the plays were glorified handoffs, but yeah they’re pretty great to watch. Love Andy Reid. Just a shame about Tyreek Hill being unrepentantly horrendous.



Afc north looks like it might actually be competitive this year. Quite nice to see the ravens come crashing down to earth.


Yeah usually the Bengals are a team I really root for just because they’re the only thing standing between one of the league’s premier evil teams winning the AFC North and, y’know, ginge rights.

But then I remember they employ Joe Mixon. FFS. Burn the AFC North to the ground


Only the Browns can save us


The Bengals will just be one and done in the playoffs if they get there anyway


I’m in self-imposed Bengals exile until Mixon leaves the roster. I miss supporting a team (tried to adopt the Titans last year but couldn’t muster the same enthusiasm) but I can’t imagine cheering for that scumbag under any circumstances.