NFL Week 2 thread





All games that are being shown by a local broadcaster are blacked out on Gamepass.



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I know we haven’t even finished week two, but doesn’t it feel like we’ve already had a tonne of amazing games this season?


It’s been a pretty crazy start to the year. As the jags go up 3 scores



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Don’t talk about Conor Mcgregor like that pal.


Actually feel worse about the Lions after that. Even though it was close, there were so many moments where they looked helpless, and there was just bad coaching throughout. No chance of winning against an angry Pats team or Green Bay, so it’s 0-4 and the season is done.


Missed the second televised game, but Pittsburgh/Kansas was incredible, or the first three quarters anyway.

Heinz Field seems like a really intimidating place uncer the lights but not so much during day games. Always wondered why that’s ever a thing but beyond more booze, idk.


Very pleasing win for the Jags, writing seemed to be on the wall when the Patriots recovered that fumble but glad they powered through. When you consider that they’ve still got Leonard Fournette to come back and that the rest of the AFC South hasn’t exactly lit the place up so far you get the feeling they could go a long way this year.

Also, how shit are the Cardinals?


Also wonder how long Brandon King will stay on the roster after failing to tap the Jags player that jumped offside on that punt after James White went out of bounds.


Don’t tell me there are people outside of Pittsburgh who actually believe there’s an anti-Steelers bias in the NFL?


In news that will surprise no one the Steelers defence is still a dumpster fire without Shazier & Haden. We watched that game last year in the playoffs against the Jags. I do hope we aren’t playing an on fire offence next week. Oh.

Both Kansas and Pittsburgh are going to have some fun games this year.


As bad as the defence was (and it was terrible, poor Terrell Edmunds looked lost) their special teams were worse. Boswell’s kicks were all over the place, they made nothing happen on returns and they lost the game on an utterly unnecessary roughing the punter penalty.


It’s a given that our special teams are bad. There were actually some green shoots on that front against the Browns.

We’ve given Boswell a big contract and he’s immediately become useless. Berry is one of the worst punters in the NFL and was outpunted in the preseason by the camp body whose name I can’t now recall.

Terrell Edmunds is the latest in a long line of Steelers defensive draft picks that are athletic freaks but are raw. That’s fine if you have coaches developing the talent but it doesn’t seem to be happening, especially at linebacker and in the secondary.


No MY team is worse than yours