NFL Week 2: Watch out for the Zach Attack!

Now that the dust has settled it feels like there’s a weird NFL news vacuum as the professional take-havers try and figure out what to talk about in a newly Rodgers-less NFL. Normal service will resume when the Jets and their new toddler-headed nepo child QB1 visit take-magnets Dallas on Sunday night, but week 2 begins in earnest today with the Eagles (who played badly and won last week) facing the Vikings (played well, lost) tonight before the AFC powerhouses all try and recover from week 1 losses of varying shock and embarrassment in Sunday’s early games.

There’ll also be opportunities for some terrible teams (Washington, Tampa Bay) to go 2-0, an utterly depressing AFC South matchup and 2(?) Monday night games, one of which will be broadcast on Channel 5(???).

Let’s football.

be real cool if some big passing plays to Drake London were drawn up this week

Just saw that Tarik Cohen signed to Panthers practice squad, thought he was done after all the injuries over the last few years

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Seahawks potentially without either starting tackle but every Lions game will feel like a trap game to me regardless.

didn’t know there’d been talks about banning the QB sneak

Absolute crybaby stuff imo.


Another enjoyable Thursday night affair, even if DAZN’s edit put an advert in place of the Vikings’s first touchdown.

Congratulations to Justin Jefferson who at the age of 24 already has more receiving yards than any Chicago Bears player in their 100 year history.


Games in 40 taking longer to go up for the fully televised games?

It was there for me this morning at 9am. But it was dogshit.

Oh don’t think it was there then refreshed by pulling down at it was, already watched the crappy 5mins highlights

Lots of chatter about potentially Cousins to the Jets…

i would actually cry tears of joy

Feels like there’s some fairly recent evidence that Kirk Cousins isn’t capable of elevating an otherwise stacked roster to Superbowl contender status…

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First episode of the next series of Quarterback is going to be incredible


shouldn’t read picks, they just irk me

(am irked by two things I read, but I’m not going to say them until they obviously don’t happen)

(when they have not happened, I’ll totally drag the journos who made the predictions, obvs)

Starting to think Deion Sanders might genuinely be some Napoleonesque world-historical figure.

I’m sure* they’ll get better but the Bengals are just unwatchable atm.

*I’m not sure

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missed the start so idk what happened with the INT

Ridder looked more like an actual QB on the drive, but that was an ugly red zone possession

not sure why they didn’t stick to the run on a 1st and goal

Felt like a real case of “they know we want to run, but we know that they know that we want to run, so we won’t run” and generally 100% overthinking it