NFL Week 2: Watch out for the Zach Attack!

Patriots v Dolphins was almost entirely predictable (Pats moribund offence failing to score and their defence eventually becoming too tired to keep bailing them out) but this was really good

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Nick Chubb :cry:

Gutted for Chubb, he seemed to have taken on the Joe Thomas mantle of quietly playing at an exceptionally high level while the Cleveland clown car exploded around him.

Really hope that the narrative doesn’t become that Watson’s doing the best he can despite injuries on offence (they lost Jack Conklin for the year in week 1 too) because he was pure crap yesterday, scraped a 50% completion rate while only throwing 1 TD and turning the ball over 3 times. Trying not to let my overwhelming desire for him to fail cloud my judgment too much but has he actually had a good game for them yet?

Him and Myles Garrett

doesn’t look like it

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Accidentally saw video of Chubb’s injury. Christ. Will be a miracle of medical science if he plays football again.

oh god. football’s a horrible game :frowning:

that play just before he got injured where the browns forced a fumble and then fumbled it twice themselves and then a different steeler fumbled it and it flew off the field through the browns’ lineman’s hands like a bar of soap.

was laughing a lot at that. sad after though, poor lad. big emotional swings.


who’s your team?? either I didn’t know or had forgotten you had an interest

none really

got to fill up those dark dark nights with something

if pressed i lean toward washington & the 49ers.

im a casual, every time im unemployed during the season i remember i like it and watch a lot of games but i dont follow it if im busy.

oh just realised thats yourself, howdy


yes hello there pardner

I guess that ^ vague leaning is because they seeped into your consciousness as a kid?

Washington, 49ers + Dolphins were the first teams I’d heard of, might have supported the latter two if I’d not felt compelled to follow some underachievers instead

it’s probs more reliably fun to not support anyone, altho if you pick some nobodies and they almost win a Superbowl, that’s really great until it’s absolutely categorically not great

no its cause i liked rg3 and kaepernick lol, those boys was running around.

im sure the Untitled have brought a small share of happiness to you along with the trauma


quite like their red/gold/white unis too

it is a new day in Atlanta, and the Falcons of Atlanta mourn no longer. I will wear my Falcons bobble hat again this winter

Matthew Thomas Ryan has agreed to shoulder the burden of the Superbowl in order to release the Falcons from its long shadow

Kyle Shanahan walked free, and hasn’t the capacity for guilt nor shame

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Said he’d seen those words written down somewhere but couldn’t be sure of the pronunciation.

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And you added him to your fantasy line up in real time i see.

He’s TE7. And I need all the good vibes I can get this weekend

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And you added him to your fantasy line up in real time

What?? Crazy French wifi

Zoom In Washington Nationals GIF by MLB


Angela Lansbury Popcorn GIF