NFL Week 2: “Week 1 was just an illusion” edition

Yes, week 2 is here and it’s time to reverse all those hasty hot takes we had in week 1.

Think the Packers are done? Think again!
Think the Pats are cooked? Yeah right!
Think the Cowboys are a disaster? Okay, this one might stick.

Chargers and Chiefs got us off to a cracking start last night, Herbert made some heroic throws while looking hurt as hell, but Chargers gonna Charger.

Oooft tough news about Jamal Adams for Seattle.

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Urgh. Looked bad but was hoping we’d see him again this season

Not seen their games so far. Have the Chiefs had to adjust their tactics after trading Hill or have they signed a like-for-like replacement?

Not really tbh. Picked up some very capable receivers in Juju Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes Scantling. Although the latter hasn’t done much and Juju had two fumbles week one. Obviously a speedster downfield talent like Hill is missed, but they still have one of best QB’s in league and weapons where it’s tough to double a receiver/Kelce.

Speedster backfield with Edwards-Helaire, McKinnon and Pacheco as well.


Three of the Lions five stating o-line are out this week. It’s week 2! Maybe installing that “back fucker upper” machine in the weights room was a bad idea, idk.

Ah well, it’s only meant to be the team’s best feature. Sure it won’t matter.

Fortunately, you’re playing Carson Wentz and the C words

Jonathan Taylor 6 carries, 9 yards almost heading to the 4th. Thats how you win games Frank Reich.

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Wish they had the Dolphins game on. Can’t get into Saints/Bucs.

Get Redzone on



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Lamar Jackson is pretty fast.

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Colts should start Ehlinger at QB, tbh

I love Amon-Ra St Brown.

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This is why you pay for Redzone.

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You might wanna cover Tyreek Hill, I reckon

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Cmon jets!!

How about your 2-0 New York Football Giants!!

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The Browns throwing it away against the Jets

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