NFL Week 2: “Week 1 was just an illusion” edition

Lovely especially as Stefanski was taking off the headset to celebrate early. You just LOVE to see it.


Very funny

Last 45 minutes of football has been pretty good imo.

We’ve seen a few wins become losses and losses become wins, which is always good

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Uh-oh Trey Lance down for 49er’s, Jimmy G time.

Oh no cart out.

Still love Amon-Ra St Brown.

Yeah, his foot isn’t supposed to point that way :frowning:

Out of interest, what’s the record for number of touchdowns scored by one team in a quarter?


Brady threw five in a quarter against the Titans in 2009. Can’t find a bigger tally than that. (They won 59-0).

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Man, the Cardinals are just putrid, no o-line, no corners or safeties.

Gonna be a long season

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Hard to believe La’el Collins isn’t still a Cowboy given how easily rushers are getting through the right side of the Bengals line.

Why are the Broncos so fucking shit?


Can’t wait for the bears to smash those filthy packers.

Wondering this myself as I have Russ in fantasy. Good running attack, Sutton and Jeudy on outside, Fant at TE, top 5 offensive line, very capable defense. Blame falls squarely on Hackett right now with new system I guess. But they’ve look dreadful through 6 quarters.


Fucking yes!! Needed that

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Really enjoying the amount of missed kicks / blocks so far this season. Kickers have had it their way for far too long.

Cincy’s O line is going to get Burrow killed.

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Why are the Bengals so fucking shit?

Shooting themselves in the foot, whatever that DeeJay Dallas play was inside the 5, muffed punt return, defensive holds on 3 and long. Defense keeping them somewhat in it for now.

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quite a few teams that seem to be pretty, pretty bad this year