NFL Week 2: “Week 1 was just an illusion” edition

Think the Kliff Kingsbury era might be over. Amazing he still gets high profile jobs, never been a good coach anywhere. Born to be a coordinator.

Lovie Smith’s beard btw A+.

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Burrow doesn’t do himself any favours tbf, holds the ball far too long in the pocket.

Reckon Nathaniel Hackett might be quite bad at his job

…reverse Falcons performance??


Wow, lots of teams going to shit late on this week.

What on earth is happening in LA?

I don’t know, but it’s quite funny

not been watching, but was there a Hail Mary attempt at the end? saw that there was a safety leaving 6 seconds or something

Yeah, made easier cos the Rams put the free kick out of bounds, but mariota couldn’t get the throw off

There should have been.didn’t throw the pass. Sack fumble

and @almal100 that sounds very Mariota, with the fumble

shame, because Kyle Pitts and Drake London would have given them a real chance

It was more the line than Mariota really. Don’t think he had enough time for the receivers to get to the endzone then fumbled cause he was hit while desperately trying to buy time.

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How many goal line plays do Arizona have

Kyler is great fun

What a ridiculous sport this is

Swear every game today has been ridiculous

Really into this reimagining of the Bengals as a team that grinds out gut-wrenching losses against awful quarterbacks.

Good job it’s a bank holiday, eh?

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Did he toss that ball out too early before getting in endzone?