NFL week 2


Remember when people said this Saints D was good now.


In other news:

Arizona are terrible
Tarik Cohen dropped the world cup, mate
Kizer, chief?


Also Joe Thomas, 10,000 consecutive snaps :clap:


Yeah that’s a hell of an achievement. Lock for HOF.

I had David Johnson in my fantasy and obviously he ded now. Traded Brady and DeVante Parker for Roethlisberger and Fournette. I picked up Terrence West on waivers and he’s got more points than Fournette this week ffs.


Would be more upset about trading Brady tbf


is OBJ going to play this week or what? he is one of my two good fantasy guys.

no wait, three, because I have Alex Smith now.


Didn’t really have another starting running back. Johnson (ded) and Montgomery were the two main ones. Had Spencer Ware (also ded) and Tevin Coleman from the draft. Gave up Brady to balance my team out. Wasn’t an easy decision.


Well this is an awful Bears showing so far. Lost another ILB to a pec injury, which will probably be a long absence, down to real dregs at ILB now. Awful turnovers. Only vague hope is that Trubisky gets put in at some point. All this after Glennon went 6-6 to open up with.

Also fantasy talk belongs IN THE FANTASY THREAD


Kev Hogan in for QB for the Browns wyd

Kizer has a migraine apparently.


Glennon pick 6. I wonder… I WONDER


huh, imagine that, a QB with a nearly perfect passer rating against this Saints D. must be good.



Brady’s having a field day (and other cliches)


Wtf was that ertz catch


could say brady has a BUNCH of TDs


Great bunch o’ TDs


cardinals losing to the colts is quite funny isn’t it


Loved that FG drill from the pats. White towel being swung around and everything


:police_car: fake punt alert.


oh my days that was bad


that Duke Johnson catch :fire: