NFL Week 3: Danny Dimes edition

The Eli era is, for the time being, over. Pour one out for our befuddled friend who finishes on a perfect .500 record.

Also, shout out to the Bears who are playing some old school footbaw right now:

The Daniel Jones era is upon us! If this is indeed the end all for Eli, he will never be forgotten by the city of New York and Giants fans. Giants ring of honor easily, hall of fame we will see. A consummate professional who always said the right things to the media in a very tough market. Thanks for the two Super Bowls my friend, but it definitely feels like its godspeed. Onward and upward time to see why we spent the 6th on this Jones kid I take it. Looking forward to it.

I do hope Eli lands somewhere else and gets another crack at it, pretty sure he still wants to play but might not be anything left in the tank.


I think there’s only one QB with two Super Bowls not in the hall of fame (Jim Plunkett of the Raiders) - Eli deserves to get in just for helping to defeat the forces of darkness twice

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For me I think he’s in. The numbers are there (8th all time in yards and td’s). Tons of int’s but favre had plenty to. One of the most durable qb’s ever to play the game. If Macadoo didn’t fuck up and bench him for no reason, 225ish consecutive starts pretty remarkable.

More importantly for me, he went about the game the right way. Never talked down to teammates, media, said all the right things.

A hall of famer plays his best in the big moments, two super bowls proves he’s worthy to me.


haha he’s been limited every wednesday for the past 15 years.

If the Bills have any aspirations for the playoffs, must take care of the Bengals. Crowd should be pretty rowdy after being New York’s team after two wins at Metlife and coming back home.

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I think the Bills defense is legit. Would like to see Allen improve more as a pocket passer, guy would scare the shit out of me when he runs sometimes as a fan. Takes a lot of hits, slide man, throw it away, but that’s his mo. Really really like that Singletary kid, O line seems improved. John Brown filling in nicely. Things to be excited for for Bills fans.

Mixon is dinged up for the bengals. Dalton looks lost with Aj green out. Tre’davious will be all over Taj Boyd, don’t let John Ross beat you deep and I think the Bills should win comfortably.

If you’ve got gamepass then the NFL top 100 plays programme is really good

Narrator: He did not show why

But really, I’d expect the Bills to edge it, and if they don’t it will be close. Bills can be tasty this year, and as they’re essentially my second team, I hope to see it.

Looks like the Lions are getting the Eagles at an opportune time - Philly might be missing Jackson and Jeffrey and a bunch of other starters. Lions are still solid underdogs, but these are kinds of games they need to steal to stay competitive in the NFC North. They dropped a bollock in Arizona and eked it out against LAC, need to start putting together a real display now. (Eagles by 17).

This is very good

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Eli bursting the Patriots undefeated season should have seen him inducted into the Hall of Fame during the post-match ceremony.

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The whole Giants defence in that game should have been inducted immediately as well

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I wonder how long it will take for/ if either of the two New York teams will win more than 2 games at home this year. Another team winning more games than you at your home ground is some Big Ben vs the browns embarrassment

Is anybody here from Bristol or the close area? Trying to get a few people together to watch the games in one of the bars in the centre (Probably All Stars or Horts)

Only one at MetLife/meadowlands though!

Borderline unwatchable, that.

Seems like a big ask that anyone else would pick him up now… at least until the legal stuff goes away.


Pats should still get fined for tampering on that signing.

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Reckon the albatross that is Alex Smith’s contract is the only reason he won’t suit up for Washington this weekend.

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