NFL Week 3: Danny Dimes edition

They must have really needed him for that miami game

Every single element of this makes me feel wildly varying amounts of genuine nausea.

Being a football fan is challenging. It’s like I’m constantly weighing the good things against the disgusting things and not reaching a conclusion because I’m pretty sure i know what that conclusion is.

Still, Chiefs/Ravens tomorrow so…~goes for long, hopefully cleansing shower~

We go through this every year, and we’ve discussed it on DiS many times in the past. It is hard to weigh up enjoyment vs nausea per your example.

The thing I always come back to is the numbers game. It is very easy to focus on the Antonio Browns, because it’s awful and it’s in front of you all the time, but you have to remember that there are 32 teams of 53 players, plus free agents and practice squad members. That’s upwards of 2,000 young men. Any similar sample you take from anywhere in the world will throw up some unpleasant characters.

There are also plenty of good ones too, we just don’t hear much about them. Could you name any of the last 10 Walter Payton Men of the Year? I couldn’t, which is I guess on me as much as the NFL.

None of this is to try and excuse Brown’s shit, it’s just how I try and keep things in perspective so I can still enjoy it. Your results may vary.

(The treatment of these players by the NFL and the teams is another matter. Brown will doubtless have another team soon.)

Yeah, i totally get that and it’s pretty much how i keep going at times like these.
Agree about the league’s promotion re the Walter Payton award and suchlike (to demonstrate your point, JJ Watt from a couple of years ago is the only one that springs to mind) and i know throwing silly money at that amount of young men will result in a small number of them acting appallingly/illegally.
Was just having a rough time with it earlier. I pretty much immediately watched the new 100 Greatest Plays rundown and felt better. Dunno what that says about me but I’m choosing not to question it.

Football is irrefutably a brilliant thing.
It’s also massively complex and corrupt and problematic in many ways which i guess inevitably comes with the territory/finances.
I suppose the frustration comes with knowing it could be this huge, inclusive, cultural force for good things…and that it never really will be for so very many reasons.

If it’s just gonna be a game i love to watch, so be it. Not much wrong with that!

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67-63 fucking hell.

Yikes. The Washington State QB threw for 570 yards and 9 (nine) touchdowns and STILL lost. I think that one’s on the D.


Gamepass broken again is it

Oh my God it’s so fucking shite. And it has been for years and they haven’t sorted it. Wank.

Gamepass is so shit.

lol at him expecting a follow up that didn’t come, top reporting

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Banging pass to McCourty there

ooh that’s an incredible return in in the Saints vs Hawks game

Kind of wish the Lions were 0-3, how we’re undefeated in spite of such conservative, unimaginative play calling I don’t know. Think the Chiefs might finally show them up next week…

Jones doesn’t look too shabby? @NeilYoung

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A mobile qb for the first time in 15 years ok. Poor guy going to have to win shootouts though, defense is swiss cheese.

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I don’t think that’s fair. For the most part Bevell has called good games, a lot of effective play action, and let Stafford take shots with decent pass protection - and that’s in spite of a pretty toothless running game. There are still bad lapses, but I think it’s encouraging overall. Defence has been underwhelming though, the line gets zero pressure, I think Flowers has more penalties than pressures. Secondary is solid.

Altogether I think their record is fair. They’ve won close games with lots of mistakes. They don’t look convincing but they can always get better. I expect to lose next week but 2-1-1 at the bye is better than my preseason predictions.

Silly 49ers