NFL Week 3: Darnold the Undefeated edition

He beat mono, he’s put his ghosts behind him, now he’s on his way to playoff football baybeeee

Some tasty match-ups this week as the Buccs take on Stafford’s Rams, the Niners face off with the Pack, and the Giants wrestle with the Falcons for the wooden spoon.



It’s nice to see Darnold doing well after emerging from the smouldering wreckage of the Adam Gase Jets. He looked mostly OK yesterday but the Panthers schedule is full of teams that mostly OK will be enough to beat (they only play one of last year’s playoff teams before week 14, and that team is Washington).


I’m sure it’s been said, but Darnold to D. Arnold is a fun thing

The only 2 qbs ive seen on the flesh are Brady and Darnold.

The goat and future goat eh

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I saw Kyle Orton, Troy Smith and Tim Tebow

Jesus fucking Christ



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40 combined points felt like a big achievement that day.

The only match I went to was a pre season game in Washington. I really had no interest in the sport then. I think it was 2006. Hopefully I can figure out who was playing and which QBs were involved.

@NeilYoung whatever happens today, let’s remember that life is bigger than football + to just be grateful for the occasional good play

That one wasn’t his fault but Mahomes doesn’t quite look himself this season


Even the commentators sound surprised that Brett Hundley is still in the league.

Nice to see Mack turning up.

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Absolute shambles on redzone atm

Omg the gus Johnson commentary for the jags fg return touchdown. What a guy


Edelman <3

Looking very good now

The Maras and Fords both getting loudly booed by their fans, you love to see it

That Lawrence pick 6 was really ugly

v. glad the Arthur Smith & co swerved this secretly cursed QB draft class

who’s good next year? anyone with an arm? Matt Ryan’s arm is weaker than ever, somehow :open_mouth: