NFL Week 3 Edition- No conspiracy here

Packers @ Bucs, John Jr’s dad suspends Mike Evans for the hit on Marcus Lattimore and in true American media fashion, conspiracy theories abound (he deserved suspension).

Week 3 is upon us, tough survivor picks, low betting lines, some really good intriguing matchups with the ultimate culmination on Monday night.

Pitt and Clev tonight to kick it off. Discussions commence.

Just seen what the early Sunday game is on Sky.


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Which game is that? Buffalo@ Miami?

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Who are Sky Sports normal commentators? Heard my man Osi’s over there, I’m sure he’s a good fit but not lead material.

Commentary is just the US broadcast. Then studio for analysis during your ad breaks

Osi’s in the studio right? Who else do they have?

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Rotating cast but Osi, Jason Bell, and a former (don’t think ever nfl) positional coach called Kevin something are regulars. Dweeby but kinda loveable brit Neil Reynolds hosts, the around the nfl guys are often on a video link in.

I generally watch redzone unless the TV game is really tasty so this might be out of date

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Jeff Reinebold


Shaun Gayle is on a lot too. And Rob Ryan

Even though it’s only week 3 it’s amazing how many of the games look like pure bumdingers already. Steelers v Browns, Falcons v Seahawks, Saints v Panthers, Raiders v Titans, Bengals v Jets and Bears v Texans all somehow in the same week.

Agreed but intrigued about a lot of these matchups because some of those teams are going to emerge at 2-1.

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Watching some Neil Reynolds interviews, I like this guy!

So I’m watching some Neil Reynolds interviews and he mentions the International Pathway Program in the UK. Intrigued to learn more about this. Are these players in Europe who are looking to get US scholarships for Division I College programs?

They don’t go to college, they go straight to NFL practice squads, and I think there are special rules allowing teams to keep them around longer than they might otherwise.

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I think Falcons are pretty watchable, really…

Bengals Jets should be enjoyably silly

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And doesnt it include (usually fast) people from other sports like rugby and athletics?

Seems like it, I’m reading an interview about Christian Wade who played Rugby and was on the Pathway Program.

Pick 6s from inside the oppositions redzone will be called 12-pointers going forward

That Pickens catch, woof. OBJ would have been proud.


It was noticeable last week too, the early slate was especially uninspiring. As with most things NFL, I think it’s QB related. There are a lot of flat out bad QBs playing at the moment - Rush, Brissett, Trubisky, Geno, Daniel Jones, Flacco. There are a lot of unproven and wobbly looking QBs - Fields, Lance (rest in IR), Wilson, Mills, Mac Jones. There are a lot of QBs who have washed out of one team (or more) and are a few bad games from being out - Goff, Wentz, Mariota, Winston, Mayfield, Tannehill. Ryan?

That’s nearly two thirds of the league! And I might have been generous to a couple.

On the other hand, which QBs are close to top form? Allen, Mahomes, Lamar, Herbert. Hurts maybe? I think that’s about your lot.