NFL week 3 thread


Holy fuck! The Browns won!!!



Very much looking forward to the Battle of Los Angeles this weekend


1-1-1 is a very pleasing record for a team to have.


…just seen that the match and outcome was pretty much exactly as predicted by sessler. Spooky.

Bring on the Patriots 14 year postseason drought!


If the Lions beat the Pats on Sunday (lol) then… it’s happening.


Just drafted in the Pats D, so it’s happening.


I’m quite pleased it’s Sunday Night Football, because I can enjoy an evening of Redzone and go to bed and be oblivious to the slaughter.


Well. Mayfield looks the real deal immediately, huh? Just finished watching the game in 40, he absolutely transformed that team. Looked confident, sharp and immediately electrified his receivers and the entire stadium. Deeply impressive.


Hard to make a judgement on 2 quarters but… yeah. He looked great.


But is he elite?


Not flacco level yet


Vikings/Bills could get ugly af.


Whisper it, but… with a decent kicker Cleveland could have been 3-0 right now



well that went well. Anyway, this is rather funny i felt.



Enjoyed that quite a lot.


Just catching up with Week 2. That Packers/Vikings tie was great fun. Feel like it’s been a pretty wham, bam start to the season, idk.


“Is it time for the Eagles to tell Carson Wentz they won the Super Bowl?”


The J-E-T-S make the BBC mobile homepage! What a time to be alive