NFL week 3 thread

Interesting about geographic rivalries

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Giants in the long haul but who knows Jets could be better this season…

Thought the Chiefs were on Sky again, was getting a bit PINTS IN, but alas it’s Philadelphia v Kansas in MLS.

Has anyone been to Atlanta’s stadium? Incredible, isn’t it. What sort of dough would i be looking at for a day at a game there with all the trimmings?

Excuse the Fox Sports link but :joy:

Best place for live text commentary around the league? Passenger on a boring long drive atm

Bills 17 Vikes 0. Football is a stupid, stupid game.


Resisting the urge to put this match on for dear of jinxing it.


Kirk cousins is my fantasy qb in dis D2. Fuck this shit

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Who are you picking to win the AFC championship game?

  • Cleveland
  • Buffalo

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Turns out it was Shady McCoy holding back the Bills.

Glad to see we’re continuing our experiment of starting every game two scores down

Make that 3

That’s probably why this is happening. They’ll have to be on a flight during every Bills game if they want them to win

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spent the the 2nd and 3rd quarters researching college prospects for our no.1 pick

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One for the purists in Jacksonville

Good game this

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that touchdown dance in baltimore
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What do you need? Watching last night’s Oregon game and if you need a QB then Justin Herbert is looking pretty hot rn.

Think 1 season and a couple of games would be too soon to bail on a promising DeShaun Watson. As has been the case for about the past 10 seasons, we need quality players in the secondary and the offensive line. Maybe a new running back.

Clay Matthews and roughing the quarterback :smiley: