NFL Week 3: Throne of Ease edition



Fuck the Pats. And fuck Houston for shitting the bed so comprehensively.


Just finished watching on Gamepass. The Pats were so, so good even with a rookie under centre, but the Texans were abysmal. They didn’t get into NE territory until towards the end of the third quarter. Osweiler looked like broken Peyton Manning’s backup. One of Evil Bill’s best ever coaching performances I’d say, even with the Texans handing the ball over like they were handing out cookies.

There were some pretty amazing stats put up on the coverage. When leading at halftime at Gillette stadium the Pats are 77-0. I think I might have known that in the back of my mind somewhere, but even so, that’s more or less impossible.


The Patriots are definitely cheating. I’m not sure how yet but they definitely are.


Hope they go unbeaten and don’t concede a point for the rest of the season then lose to Eli Manning in the superbowl and Tom Brady cries/falls in a well


It’s almost redzone time!


Terrelle Pryor’s a QB again. Would like to see a list of players who have played WR and QB in the same game (excluding trick plays)


Both defences taking the night off so far in the Giants v Washington game I see


Seems like about 2/3 of the Giants roster is interchangeable running backs.


Yay! there’s going to be a big debate about what constitutes a completed catch. I’m sure this will be engaging, fun and fruitful


It’s always been pretty obvious that Mike Ditka’s a colossal bell-end. But still :frowning:


Vikings D are manhandling Cam today. Every time RedZone switches to that game Cam is getting nailed or throwing a pick.


thought Vikings D might be a good fantasy pick.

ooooft. six sacks?! were they all on Cam?


oh man. @hip_young_gunslinger , feeling hopeful?


The Jags might win a game. With a week to go this seems a good spot for an updated rollcall

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  • I’m going but don’t want to meet wankers from the internet at any point
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Odel Beckham has lost his shit again. crying on the touchline? should have considered the Josh Norman factor, maybe swapped him out. c’mon, man.


Beckham Jr is such a prick.

(Up for a meet up next Saturday, although might not be logistically possible)


Is that because the game’s on a sunday?


nah, he’s put up 100 yards. You’d always take that


Nothing to do with his ability! He’s a complete tosser, can’t stand him. Not saying I wouldn’t have him as a player, but he’s right at the top of tier two of unpleasant players.


oh, totally missed that! last time I’d checked before him kicking off, he was stuck on 44.