NFL week 3


Baltimore look horrific.




Tbf they have a ridiculous amount of injuries


Still wasn’t expecting negative yards for offense after the first quarter


Ravens offence showing everyone how it’s* done.



“The river Thames, the longest river entirely in England”.



up 37 points, 4th down in your half and then you execute a fake punt to the 10 :smiley:
much trolling




fantasy poll: who do I start from these guys at WR?

league lost two teams, hence the ridiculous depth, here

  • DeVante Parker
  • Martavis Bryant
  • Brandin Cooks
  • Jordy Nelson

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Steelers not participating in the anthem at all today, according to Tomlin


Missed what’s been happening so far. Just seen Flacco’s stats - 8-18, 28 yards, 2 INT. Oof. In it’s own way it’s quite impressive to only manage 28 yards on 8 completed passes. Ravens longest completed pass today was 8 yards.


Is there anything more Eli Manning than cleverly catching the opponent offside, taking your free shot at the deep ball, it getting intercepted then the refs announcing that the penalty was against the offence and the interception stands?


Just cracked up at the Giants and the Bears pretty hard


what a fucking stupid fucking cunt


I’ve never seen anything like it.


it’s happened a couple of times, happens surprisingly regularly (once a year or so) in college and once in the superbowl
this is the best one


Going to try to keep up with this this season. Not really interested in the game as such, but do find the NFL show on the BBC has a far better entertainment:information ratio that virtually any other sports highlights program i could name. Most others are either/or, or in the case of proper football, often neither. Watched some edited highlights of the last Superbowl and it was visually fucking stunning. Can’t really remember watching sporting highlights like that and it being so epic. Huge fights probably the nearest thing i’ve seen.


Clearly they only give you the essential information when you google NFL


Did OBJ just celebrate that TD by pretending to be a dog taking a piss?


Would have been better off holding up a sign saying ‘someone rescue me from this team’