NFL Week 4 Edition: They're not sending their best

Feel like they’ve told him to “be more Romo”

Don’t mind him. Obviously Romo-lite but seems like he actually enjoys his job which is better than a lot of co-commentators manage

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Wow. That was enormous

Boy do I sure love kicks. Best thing about the NFL by far. Needs more kicks of anything

Fucking hell.



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God I can’t wait for the Vikings luck to run out at the absolute worst time.

Incredible. Were behind it

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Lions today without their starting RB, WR, guard, kicker, safety and two DL.

Are the Jags… Good?

Reckon we’re getting some Pickett today

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One of my favourite things in the NFL is when the football cognoscenti (…) anoint one of the superbowl teams after 3 weeks and then they lay an egg against unfancied opposition. Let’s go Jags.

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Every week it looks like loads of blowouts then suddenly every game is tight in the 4th quarter

Might be the most Chargery game ever

Needs a missed field goal for that


They’ve uncharged it

I don’t think the bears are very good.