NFL Week 4 Edition: They're not sending their best

Kenny putting the pick in Pickett

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harsh roughing call, there?

have the Seahawks always had the logo joined at the back of the helmet? looks bad

huh, they have

idk why I’m only noticing this now


Zero incompletions!

Think the three picks looks worse on paper than it was, and he looked generally decent

Everything’s coming up Giants! What do you mean it was only the Bears…

Lions have an incredible ability to lose a tight, high scoring, entertaining game against literally anyone

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Beautiful stuff watching John Harbaugh electing to go for it on 4th in a tie game instead of the chip shot 3 to take the lead, duff it and lose in great fashion.

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Fire me into the sun

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Bailey Zappe time for the Pats.

This is a pretty ugly late slate of games.

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realised the Browns were missing three of their starting defensive line, feel a bit less impressed with the win

was ready to let myself get a little bit carried away by the thought of the totally unproven Desmond Ridder replacing Mariota and taking this team into the playoffs a little bit or something

still though… gritty!

Mahomes doing Mahomes things against the Bucs


Outside of Houston the bad teams are either surprisingly actually OK or definitely rubbish but accidentally winning games.

Watched the game this morning and this wasn’t even the most impressive play, when they’re on form they’re just so good.

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Without looking it up, only one QB has >75% pass completion with 1000 yards and 5 TDs so far this season


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Yep. Pretty obvious really.

Amazing how an OL improves when you have a QB actually playing orthodox pocket play.