NFL Week 4: "Friendship ended with Cam, now Kyle is my best friend" edition

Sorry, couldn’t think of a catchy subtitle…

Thursday night:
Eagles at Packers

Sunday 6pm:
Titans at Falcons
Washington at Giants
Chargers at Dolphins
Raiders at Colts
Panthers at Texans
Chiefs at Lions
Browns at Ravens
Patriots at Bills

Sunday 9/9.30pm
Buccaneers at Rams
Seahawks at Cardinals
Vikings at Bears
Jaguars at Broncos

Sunday night
Cowboys at Saints

Monday night
Bengals at Steelers

(Bye week: Jets, 49ers)

Hmm, struggling to come up with a good narrative for a subtitle too…

Mad that Ravens v Browns looks likely to be the most watchable 6pm.

Bills defending their 3-0 record though!

Pats / Bills, two undefeated titans battle for control of the AFC East!

Will Josh Allen DETHRONE Tom Brady?


Little juiced up for the Giants game Sunday. Hope Jones continues the hot hand, definitely a defense in Washington he should be able to exploit. Hoping for an Eagles loss tonight.


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you watching the game @NeilYoung?

I watched the first half, now off to bed.

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jesus, before me :frowning:

Your a maniac what can i say :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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See yer

Finally looking forward to a Panthers game again. Should be a good game against the Texans, exciting times with Kyle

Ah yes, there’s our title…


Love it. Just hope he can keep it going in subsequent games

Feeling in a good place this week, especially after the Packers loss last night. I’ve worked myself into a position where I can see, against all the odds, the Lions stealing a win at home from the Chiefs, but at the same time, I also expect them to be handily crushed, so that will be fine. I’m ready. (If it’s a time game and comes down to the last play like the past two weeks, I will be devastated).

Anyone going to try and get Around the NFL tickets next week?

Great game last night. Quite weird that the packers O finally gets ticking a bit, and they lose their first one. Losing Bulaga, Adams and J Williams could be tough for them though - that’s a lot of their passing game.

Not a wonderful slate on paper this week. Browns - Ravens could be great, maybe Panthers - Texans, and interested in theory about Pats-Bills (until the pats carry on their inexorable procession).

Vikings - Bears is a pretty big game for Chicago. Losing 2 in division home games would be…sub optimal. Bit of a free shot for the vikings.

Pats/Bills I think will be a great game and maybe the Bills can sneak that one.

Hopefully, the Bears can win that one, but might be one where we see whether Trubisky really is the right fit there.