NFL Week 4: "Friendship ended with Cam, now Kyle is my best friend" edition

it’s so hard to call. He’s looked distinctly average at best this year, but then week 17 vs vikings in chicago last year - Bears couldn’t have lost that game if they’d tried? Tough call for Nagy - you kind of want to keep it scaled back so it’s easier for Trubisky, but I just think someone’s going to have your number in the playoffs if you try that approach. But maybe the plan is to build up to that as the season goes on. Somehow scrape a win on Sunday, take care of business in London vs Oakland, and then see if you can expand the gameplan a bit during the bye

O-line hasn’t been great, and this isn’t the match-up to kick start in the passing game.

Ah, maybe I just want them to beat the Pats more than it being realistic. Agree that’s pretty soft, be a good test then to see if they are for real

Just had a look and the only QB to takeover is Chase Daniel, damn. Possibly try and open the playbook against Oakland, but does that travel give them enough time to practice enough for this? Good call in doing it during the bye, as it’s the Saints after and they’re gonna have keep up the scoring with them. Has he been helped much by the running game?

21st in the league in rushing yards:

Saints should be with Bridgwater still, which helps - not a gimme by any stretch, but Teddy is certainly a downgrade on Brees.

Main issue in the first game was the play-calling, going run shy was especially egregious when you look at Green Bay vs the run since then. As our resident Bears analyst links to, the run game’s been about league average, Nagy just seems quite quick to move away from it sometimes. I think there’s a number of factors involved, not just the QB, but Trubisky does seem to be incredibly polarised when against good or bad defences. Enough to make me start wondering about possible QBs next year (Cam? Rosen?)

Wonder how pleased the Rams are with that Goff contract.

Damn, that’s not much help right there

That’s very true, but the Saints still have the superhero Kamara for them, so I think they can still score the points.

I think if Trubisky can’t show that he’s reliable enough, then I would imagine they have to start thinking about maybe drafting a replacement. Would be surprised if they went for a trade. BTW, if Cam is out for the season I think he might really struggle afterwards. He’s taken so many hits, that it’s finally catching up to him.

I reckon that the Rams maybe aren’t super happy, but possibly will give Goff time to turn it around. Nothing like starting 3-0 for a team to give you the time to make yourself better

I think Cam might be available on free agency…
No first rounder makes it tough to go get a QB in the draft, although 2 decent level second rounders and a future first might enable something. Idk

I think Cam has got 1 year left on his contract. In all honesty, even if Kyle does well, I think there might be a revolt if the Panthers don’t go back to Cam.

Possibly, they might sit on that then.

Niners have just had really easy games so far, haven’t they and as soon as they face up against their division they’ll start losing again, right?

Schedule has been a little soft but they are winning the games all that matters. Couple big tests coming up for them in the next couple of weeks with the Browns and Rams.

Darius Slay our for the Lions, given their already weak pass rush, Mahomes is going to go absolutely ballistic today.

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All eyes on danny dimes.

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Nice start

Awful play calling on the goal line. Easy March down the field just to call run-run-pass. Get fucked.

McCourty’s had his weetabix

gostkowski take my leg :cry:

Slater and Bolden have been with the Patriots for literal ever. Swear Bolden has been cut a couple of times but he always just sort of reappears in week 1.

nice of bill to field some extra receivers for the other team this season