NFL Week 4

Absolutely incredible video here:

How anyone could make this and go - ‘…yep! seems fine to me’ is absolutely insane imo

Vikings got something massive to prove against the Rams tonight. I’m gonna be in a cab at 4.15am tomorrow on the way to the airport, if I’m awake enough I’ll watch the highlights at the airport and report back :sleeping:

Game of the weekend?

Quietly looking forward to New England/Miami.

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Khalil Mack vs Fitzmagic could be good/terrifying

gonna miss all the Sunday games as I’m travelling back from a wedding in Portugal (and missing all the Ryder Cup - ffs wedding!!)

There has been 3 preceding weeks of games.

Ravens Steelers is always an event, if Flacco is half decent it should be a good game

Titans v Eagles, two teams whose strengths match each other’s deficiencies quite well.

Erm… I actually think I kind of get it now? There does seem to be an attempt to “crush” the QB in those first four, even turning to make sure he’s under them. Exactly how they’re going to convince pass rushers to change their ways, or even admit they’re doing anything wrong is going to be interesting. But that’s generally the way with all new rules.

Clay Matthews is an interesting case. He’s obviously been pinged for these in the first three weeks, but it’s his QB taking that first hit, and who missed a good part of last season because of these sorts of hits. No coincidence that it’s the first one on the footage.


He sure was. I don’t think he missed a single throw, every one was on the money. Great game all round really, couple of hundred miles of offense, incredible catches, a few sacks sprinkled in for good measure, lovely.

what odds on the Bills’ social media team tweeting out a graphic of the team flying to Minneapolis before the packers game?

He was faaaaantastic, so much better than I thought he was coming out of last season. If they add an edge rusher somehow, they’ll be nigh on unstoppable - the only glaring weakness I thought they showed last night was a lack of pressure on Cousins for a lot of the game, considering the vikings’ O-line. Their secondary got the run around too, but Talib was out, and the vikings receivers are really really good.

158.3 passer rating i think

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Steelers now calling round seeing if anyone wants Bell, rumoured to be after a second and a decent player. Would you do it if you were the Lions, for instance? Swap one of your running backs and what will probably be a mid-ish second? Think he’d be amazing with a good QB like (swallows hard) Stafford.

How do people watch three games back-to-back? Bloody hell. Must be, like, ten hours including the punditry.

Aye, I think its doubtful, but I can’t really think of a team who would do it - Green Bay? I was half wondering if the Lions’d do Kerryon plus a 2nd for Bell, but it’s just too much money.

Don’t the Lions would be interested considering the whole point of Kerryon is that he has Bell-like skills. Maybe the Colts? Fuck, even the Packers?

It’s a good sociable sport to watch, as there’s so much downtime and its obvious when to pay attention. If I’m on my own I’ll mix it in with other stuff, but yeah, I couldn’t just sit and watch 3 games back to back regularly.

Colts would make sense too, yeah. The packers with their decent line and then Bell and Rodgers would be… not very nice. I think they’d have the space, and they have those two first rounders in 2019

This commentator sounds like a Family Guy character.

was Keenan Allen trying to bite his knee?

Would like to see him at the Jets.