NFL week 4


Bengals roll over the Dolphins in last night’s game with a solid defensive performance and AJ Green receiving for roughly eight-billion yards. Looking good.

Enjoyed Geno Atkins getting a sack on Tannehill by pushing his blocker into him

Elsewhere this weekend it’s Colts and Jags for the Wembley game. Pretty sad after all the Jags hype pre-season that they have revealed themselves to still be the Jags. TY Hilton with eight TDs, pls.

Cam and co. should get back to winning ways against the Falcons in a high-scoring affair. I’ll take Oakland against Baltimore. Lions/Bears is this week’s tallest dwarf contest. A Watt-less Houston take on a misfiring Titans offense who are hoping Delanie Walker will be back, though the TE didn’t practice Thursday. The Bills will give away 100 personal fouls against the Pats and lose.

What up?


Glad people are finally seeing Bortles for who he is. I’ve always thought he was the worst of this crop of young starting QBs, people lose their shit over a big arm.

/hot take


Taking the thinly-veiled, who’s a Houston fan, to Wembley on Sunday. Think she might be the only person to have attended an NFL game who wants a tie?

Will be good to look back upon it though and say “I was there when the 2017 first draft pick was decided”


This game is giving me the fear.


Who’s your team?


Lions. If anyone is going to gift wrap a division rival their first W of the season, it’s us!


Oh, it’s a classic trap game. The Lions love losing to back-up QBs. I have no faith at all.


Might be time to consider a yearly thread, lads.


You never answered my beer question.


Feels like the Bengals are reverting to type after three tough games to start the season. Concerning that Dalton’s getting the crap kicked out of him and the offence hasn’t scored more than 23 points in a game but there are a few softer looking games on the schedule.

Very glad they lucked out on the colour rush uniform front too; could have been much worse for a team that plays in orange.


I listen to a Bills podcast that also includes a chat about the beers they are drinking near the end if that’s something that takes your fancy.


Why do we keep trolling New England, just means it’ll be more embarrassing when an Edelman-led Pats beat us.


Classic trap game BUT it’s been spotted by the wariest of teams and fanbases. This is a nailed on, dead by 4th quarter, Detroit win. More interesting to speculate which 3 Bears players get injured (I’m going Jeffrey, Hicks and Miller)


That sounds niche! Is it a US podcast?


Missed opportunity for tiger onesies though.

How’d you all think Gase has started off? Pushed Seattle and New England well enough, good D one game, decent O the next, but scraping past an injured Browns for your only win is a bit concerning (good to get on the board though I guess), and last night was no real contest, a freakish big play on their opening drive aside. No running game, and Tannehill is still Tannehill. Could he be moved on at the end of this year? I think the vast majority of his salary for next season is only guaranteed after it starts, and he’s not Gase’s man.


Yup - followed it to up my Bills knowledge and general fan opinions. They just get progressively drunk through it as well but not in an annoying way, and when they lose it can be really funny. After the Jets defeat one of the guys asked everyone ‘What is it in your life right now that you can’t believe that you’ll be putting up with for the rest of it?’ It got dark but it was so funny.


Pittsburgh have KC in the Sunday night game. After their ludicrous display against Philly I have no idea how this one is going to go. Chiefs looked very beatable against the Jets if Fitz hadn’t had his meltdown but I have anxiety about our defense (-Shazier) just sitting in zone coverage and missing 50 tackles again. Le’Veon Bell is back and as bad as the offense was against the Eagles, AB still had 12 receptions for 140yds so it’ll probably end up a 38-35 type score with Steelers being annointed the new Saints


Watched the Dolphins Bengals game this morning. Shit uniforms, horrible colours, bad game, terrible.


Anyone watching the ridiculous Oklahoma State - Texas CFB match
Texas have had 3 PAT’s blocked (one returned for 2pts for OSU)
771 total yards of offense & 62 points
It’s half time


Today’s leaders in the game of ‘ill advised jersey purchase spotting while waiting for umlaut’ are a colts Richardson and browns weeden. Still searching for the holy grail (cowboys manziel )