NFL week 4


Yeah, I stopped watching College ball last year as the number of blow outs, and farcical defence made it a waste of time.


Saw a Pat McAfee on the tube. If you’re going to get a jersey of any punter it should be Pat McAfee, but still…


Julio has 94 yards and we’re still only just at the start of the 2nd quarter.

cautious “woo”!


less of that, Matty.


dat offence, tho

a long way to go in this game, but wow.


even the D is having a good game.

or the Carolina O is having a poor game, idk.


Shutting out the Pats is extremely satisfying.


Julio and Matt Ryan with franchise records for yards in this game.


Fitz just fumbled the ball…then it was scooped by another Jet who took it to the house



Julio only needs 37 yards to break the all-time receiving yards for one game, I think? unreal.


Panthers have zero corners. Easy money for Julio


hahaha our D might as well not be there. Anderson with two TD throws? get the fudge out.

just milk this last possession and close it out.


woohoo Bears win the comb at the skinhead convention.


that last Anderson throw. Woooooooooooooooooooooooow that was bad.


I know m8!! like there was a two second delay in his processing.


Wow Matt Ryan threw for over 500!


absolutely killing it this season. not convinced Panthers D is up to much, so I guess I still can’t be asking if the Falcons offence is elite?

might ask that in a few weeks. and also ask how far you can go with that and a defence that allows Derek Anderson that many points.


I know I should shut up and chill, but just realised that we play Broncos NEXT WEEK.

:nail_biting: :bead_of_sweat:


You need to be reminded of the Falcons’ strong start last year? 5 - 0 was it?


We saw a bunch of McAfees too - probably 4 on the day?

Fun game, even if the quality wasn’t top tier. Blake Bortles spin move with no-one within 3 yards was probably my favourite moment. Not sure how it was in other areas of the ground, but the area around us was pretty pro-jags (whether jags fans, casual day trippers supporting the ‘home’ team, or a decent slew of fans of other teams picking the jags for the day). Did hear a few cheers elsewhere in the ground when the colts were getting first downs etc though.

And thank god Chicago got the home record monkey, the lions monkey, and the winless season monkey off their back, despite desperately trying to fuck it up in the last 2 and a bit minutes. Neither team was very good, Bears were just more solid. Cutler-esque picks from Stafford.

Enjoyed Ebron turning his back on the play, and not reacting at all despite 4 bodies ending up about a foot away from him.