NFL Week 5: “Let Russ cook! No… not like that” edition

Situation normal in Broncos country:

Another London game sees the imperious G-men look to wildcat their way past Ayachuasa Rodgers and his ragtag band of wideouts. Kenny Pickett gets his first start against… the Bills, and Bengals and Ravens battle for AFC North supremacy (unless the Browns are actually good? Shit).

Put all your money on Bailey Zappe setting a rookie record for passing yards and TDs scored tomorrow as the Lions go head to head with Matt “Cunt” Patricia.

the Browns aren’t good. I mean, not good good.

nothing to be worrying about unless they bring back the sexual predator and he turns out to still be good

Who’s the co-commentator on ITV? sounds very bored

Does ITV not just have the US commentary? Currently enjoying Mark Sanchez’s cheesy prepared soundbites which I must say I have a large soft spot for

@NeilYoung you on the Coors yet? I’m rooting for your boys today. Got a load of Coors in as well as it goes. It was meant to be!

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No, they’ve got their own, a football guy who’s voice I recognise but can’t put a name to (Darren Fletcher maybe?) and a British ex pro who sounds a bit bored

It’s got the making of a boring game tbh. Great atmosphere though

Jack Crawford apparently

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The G-Men!


Cracking game. Really partisan atmosphere here

How bout them new York football giants


At Denver airport, was watching game on phone. But what a win. Scrappy team.

Oh looks like its not over yet, take the safety.

They said the Giants were the worst 3-1 team in ages :thinking:

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Now they’re the worst 4-1 team in ages


damn straight! :sunglasses:

(Eagles still probably winning the division though)

Really wanted Daboll to come to the Lions last year. Reckon me he might pretty good at coaching you know

Hang on, we’re pronouncing it Bailey Zappy? That’s absurd.

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Not sure what’s happened to this Lions corner but it looks really bad.

Skylar Thompson in at QB for Miami

Sure they were a character in an American YA series

I missed a chunk because my parents rang, was there an injury or did he just collapse? Can’t even say I’d heard his name before, just seeing lots of scary sounding comments on Twitter.